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You saw about all the fabulous features of the Zoo Birthday Bash HERE and how easy the decorations are to make HERE. Now read about the food that was served. Keeping with the zoo theme, I served zebra stripes, kangaroo kabobs, cheetah cheese and crackers, jungle juice, lion veggie tray and water from the water hole. You can read about how I made the food labels in the Zoo Birthday Bash Decorations article.

Zoo/Jungle Cake

The cake featured a jungle type of setting. However, it included some of my son’s favorite animals that aren’t found in the jungle (such as a polar bear!). Around the base of the cake, snakes spelled out his name. Since he didn’t really enjoy his smash cake when he turned 1, I decided to have a small cake with the number 2 created out of a snake specifically for him.

Zebra Stripes

Using marshmallows and black icing, I created zebra striped marshmallow pops! I covered a shoe box in zebra stripes and poked holes in it to create a marshmallow pop stand. So simple and so cute!

Lion Veggie Tray

Using vegetables such as summer squash, yellow tomatoes, carrots, and red and yellow peppers, I created a veggie tray to look like a lion! I put the veggie dip in half of a red pepper to make it look like a mouth.

Kangaroo Kabobs

Using long skewers, I chose some of my son’s favorite fruits to make these fruit kabobs. These were the favorite of all the children at the party!

Cheetah Cheese and Crackers

As simple as it gets-cheese and crackers on a tray!

Jungle Juice and the Water Hole

You can offer whatever type of juice or punch your family enjoys. You might want to try the Perfect Party Punch. For the water hole, I simply used zebra striped duck tape to cover the print part of water bottles! Doesn’t get much easier than that!