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You saw about how fabulous the 1, 2, 3, to the Zoo birthday bash looks HERE, now read the details on how to make your party a roaring great time! These ideas are so easy to do that anyone can create the perfect zoo party with little effort! Stay posted for our Zoo Birthday Bash food ideas!

Happy Birthday Name Banner


  • Solid colors of scrapbook paper (I used a glitter paper)
  • Animal print scrapbook paper
  • Printed letters to spell HAPPY BIRTHDAY *NAME*
  • Scissors, glue and tape (or ribbon if you chose to tie them together)

Cut out the letters in a small circle. Then cut out the solid colored scrapbook paper in a slightly larger circle. Glue the letters onto the solid paper. Finally, cut the animal print paper into large circles and glue the mounted letters onto the animal print.

Food Labels

Very simple to do, I made food labels on the computer. I came up with animal names for all the foods such as Zebra Stripes, Lion Veggie Tray, Cheetah Cheese and Crackers, Kangaroo Kabobs, etc… I made the label with a picture of the animal and the name. Then I mounted the picture on scrapbook paper to put with the food. For the Zebra Stripes, I covered a shoe box with zebra print to add to the decor.

Animal Cups

Using paper cups, my daughter and I decorated them to look animal-like! Simply using construction paper and rubber cement, we made sharks, leopards, giraffes and elephants. The possibilities for other animal ideas are endless!

General Decor Ideas and MORE!

Zoo Pals for plates and utensils, zebra print napkins:

Animal print balloons:

For party favors, I had animal tattoos that make your hand into an animal puppet! You can find them at the Land of Nod. Also, we bagged up animal cookies with a thank you note attached.