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Zen Swaddle

I’ve spoken before on my love of swaddling,  and I mention often that I don’t think that specialized swaddle blankets are necessary. While this is true for me, I do realize that for some parents a good swaddle blanket can be their best friend since they can’t get a good tight swaddle with a simple blanket. Baby gets loose, their arms get free, or the swaddle just isn’t tight enough to prevent the startle reflex that wakes baby up.

When I was contacted by Nested Bean, to try out their Zen Swaddle Blanket, I figured it was just another swaddling blanket like all the others out there. Once I did a little more research and read what the Zen Swaddle really is, I was intrigued. This blanket is unique, and I had to try it out for my newest little guy.

The Zen Swaddle™ is the only infant swaddle blanket to mimic your touch. Touch or simulated touch is medically proven to soothe babies as it triggers a self soothing response and improves the ability of infants to regulate stress.

Zen Swaddle Weights

The Zen Swaddle™ combines the benefits of swaddling and the power of touch to provide a time-tested and truly safe, secure environment for your baby. Its lightly weighted parts apply gentle pressure on your baby’s sides and center to provide the comfort and security of being held. Therefore, the Zen Swaddle™ creates a calm environment that both nurtures babies’ development and provides a solution for common infant sleep problems.

The Zen Swaddle™:

  • Swaddles your baby, which has been documented to enable better infant sleep in newborns by mimicking the environment of a mother’s womb and increasing the baby’s likelihood of sleeping through the startle reflex
  • Provides simulated touch, which is proven to stabilize heart rates and reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels in pre-term babies, thus boosting their immune system

Extends the security and benefits of maternal touch, promoting socio-emotional healthZen Swaddle

We tried it out after about two weeks of getting us every 2 hours to feed our newborn. I was interested in seeing how the weighted areas might help him to sleep more soundly and stay asleep longer. He was immediately calmed by the swaddle, and it seemed as though the weights kept him comfortable, even when I couldn’t hold him. Those first few nights, we got a 4 hour block, a 5 hour block and eventually a 6 hour block! Aaaaand then he went through a huge growth spurt, so we are back to him waking often to eat. Once he is out of this growth spurt, I look forward to the Zen Swaddle helping us get longer boughts of sleep, because this mama feels like a zombie!

We do use it during nap time and we consistently get 4 hour blocks for naps when we use the Zen Swaddle!



The Zen Swaddle can be used for a traditional swaddle OR you can swaddle with arms free, if your infant has issues with having their arms restrained or is old enough not to have as strong of a startle reflex.

ZenSwaddle How To

With the Zen Swaddle™ you get 2 sizes in 1. A smaller interior pouch keeps your baby’s legs snug during the first few weeks, while the extra long sack offers additional leg room to grow. It is made of super soft cotton, making it comfotable for your baby’s sensitive new skin, and is machine washable (just make sure to keep the velcro attached to the blanket…I made the mistake of washing it open and ended up with it stuck to everything in the laundry, all twisted up!), and comes in SEVEN different designs!

Zen Swaddle Designs


I have absolutely no complaints about this blanket! We have been using it every night with our little guy and my only wish is that I had more of them so that I had extras for laundry day! Check them out for yourself!
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