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I recently saw a great “pin” on Pinterest with all sorts of crafty ideas to do with yarn. But since I’ve never worked with yarn (I’m not a knitter!), I was a little intimidated by most of the projects.

However, I decided to combine a few of the techniques I saw into an easy craft even I could handle. This photo frame couldn’t have been simpler! Grab an old frame and give it a facelift with this simple tutorial.


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Photo frame

**Note: Using a frame and yarn color that are similar in color will help give a more cohesive look and hide any mistakes. You can also use a thicker yarn for better coverage. Here, I used a thinner yarn, but wrapped it tightly.

Step 1: Buy a cheap photo frame or use one you already have. Pop out the glass and back and set aside so you just have the frame.

Step 2: Take a long piece of yarn (two or three feet) and tie it around one of the short sides of the frame. Start wrapping, keeping yarn nice and tight and the lines close together.

Step 3: When you run out of yarn, hot glue the end to the back, grab a new piece of yarn and repeat the process. Do this on each of the short edges.

Step 4: Wrap the long edges lengthwise. Although it’s tempting to wrap them the same way you did the short sides—don’t. It will be a problem when you wrap the corners—you won’t be able to get your glass and photo back in the frame.

Step 5: Add any embellishments. I used yarn pom poms (see tutorial here). I simply hot glued them on and then hot glued the “stems” on with additional yarn. I glued the ends of the green “stems” onto the back of the frame, under the pom poms and in the middle where they meet.

Step 6: Place your photo, glass and back onto frame. This may take a bit of manipulation as the yarn will inhibit you a bit. I had to trim down the frame back (it was cardboard, so it was no problem to trim it with scissors).

Voila! You’ve taken a basic frame and turned it into something special! Give as a gift or put in your favorite photo and admire it in your own house.