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Soccer is a huge sport in my house, I grew up watching it and it’s now a sport my children play. It’s a sport we can gather around the TV and watch or head outside for a little family-friendly competition.

Last week I was invited to attend an event at the Xfinity CNET Smart Home in San Francisco where I learned all about the new features available to the Xfinity X1 customers who are watching the soccer championship this summer. Not only was this event catered towards soccer, but we also had some incredible foods, drinks and got the opportunity to be pampered… which is definitely what this mom of 3 needed.

The Xfinity CNET Smart Home is unreal and definitely the perfect place to learn about how Xfinity is changing the game.

Upon arrival we were greeted with the most refreshing mojitos and had a chance to indulge in some incredible Cuban food while catching up with some of my favorite Latina Bay Area Bloggers.


After our social hour it was time to get a little pampered before learning about all the new features on X1. They had massages, hair and makeup available for us, and while I couldn’t take advantage of the massage (thanks to an adorable 6 month old), I definitely made the most of getting my hair and lips done.


For the lips portion we could either get a gorgeous red lip or get creative with a flag of our choice. So naturally, I went with a USA flag, because let’s be honest… it’s always more fun to stand out!

Simply Real Moms

It was finally time to learn about how Xfinity is changing the game when it comes to watching the soccer championship and I couldn’t have been more excited.

Sports Notifications

a new feature, which just debuted specifically for the soccer championship, sends alerts to X1 customers about their favorite teams. Whether you get them through the TV screen or on your mobile app, customers always know when their team is about to kick off and from there, can easily watch.

Sports Voice Control

A feature that allows soccer fans to use the X1 Voice Remote to preview upcoming games, see how their team is doing against the competition, get a summer, or tune to games directly with their voice. The Sports Voice Control can easily be used in both English and Spanish.

Instant On Demand 

You can easily watch the game without missing anything regardless if the match is still on.

DVR Highlights

My absolute favorite feature! As busy parents we don’t always have time to watch a complete game and with DVR highlights we can now sit down together and watch the best moments with a click of a button.

DVR Highlights

X1 can integrate and curate content like no other platform and as you can see, I was completely blown away y all these incredible features. I have never seen anything like it, truly. The soccer experience will include every match — Live and On Demand — as well as a host of related content and new features and capabilities, which help you enjoy the teams, matches and moments you care about the most. This is why Xfinity really is the ONLY place to watch the soccer tournament this summer.

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