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I can’t tell you how many times we’ve lost pacifiers. Why are they so darn elusive?! No kidding…one day, each and every pacifier I took out of my son’s mouth for one reason or another would be gone the second I would go together it. HOW?! And don’t get me started on the car seat! That bottomless pit is abother story. As soon as my son spits out his pacifier in the car during a meltdown I feel the anxiety of needing to find it creeping up on me. I know it’s gone. It’s a lost cause.

That was a problem that stemmed an idea for a mom who had had enough of what she calls “missing pacifier syndrome”. Carla Schneider took her baby’s favorite soft plush toy and sewed a pacifier right onto it, resulting in the birth of the WubbaNub!



WubbaNubs are adorable tiny plush animals attached to pacifiers, taking the anxiety of trying to find a pacifier away! They are easy to find, not only if they fall down under the table, but also in the car seat! It is so easy to reach back and find the pacifier when it is attached to a plush! It can’t fall down into the spaces between baby and the seat, so it’s always within reach.

We have the lamb WubbaNub and it was something I needed badly and didn’t know it. My son was born with a need to hold on to things. Right out of the womb he was holding on to his pacifier, resulting in him pulling it out and upsetting him. I tried everything. I would give him a lovey in hopes that having something else to hold onto would keep his needy hands busy but it only worked about two times.

Once we started using the WubbaNub, he had the little Lamb to hold onto and he could maneuver it back into his mouth if he pulled it out!

Lamb WubbaNub

WubbaNub Pacifier Selection

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