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Winter will be here before we know it and in some cases, winter-like weather is already creeping into your Fall season. I know all too well the stresses parents face during the winter months with their babies. My youngest was born at the peak of winter and the thought of bringing him into the world during winter season scared me. However, after getting into our routine and trying out multiple products, I conquered winter and I’m here to share my favorite winter essentials with you.

Warm Clothing:

Trying to decide what clothing to put on my little one was probably both my most favorite and most stressful part about winter. I wanted to make sure my son was not only warm, but comfortable as well. Something I could put him in that would keep his body protected both inside and outside the home. We all know at this point, keeping your child in a coat or sweater is off limits inside their car seat, so investing in a good outfits are important.

Gerber just launched an incredible new Fashion Baby Apparel Line at Target earlier this year that features bodysuits, sleep n’ plays, caps, mittens, burp cloths and blankets in seven different color ways like tan and grey, and princess pink.


We have personally been loving the Gerber long sleeve Onesies bodysuits. They are seriously so adorable, soft, and best part… affordable! The Gerber long sleeve Onesies bodysuits come in a 5 pack and you can get them at Target for just $9.99.

One of my favorite things about the long sleeved bodysuits in the Gerber Collection is that it features an expandable lap shoulder neckline. My son is not a fan of changing clothes, he gets upset when the clothing goes over his head and more often than not, gets stuck for a few seconds. With the Gerber bodysuits, we no longer have problems changing him. The expandable lap shoulder necklines leave for a no-fuss, easy on and off.


They also have Sleep N’ Plays that are perfect for the winter months as well.  The 100% cotton and cotton jersey blend keep your baby feeling their best. I love that they have a zipper versus button snaps so it makes changing a breeze. The Sleep N’ Plays are also Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified to give you peace of mind that no harmful substances will touch your baby’s skin.

Bottle Warmer:

If you have never owned a bottle warmer, you are missing out. These are amazing! My youngest was born during the peak of winter and I can’t tell you how helpful a bottle warmer was to us. Not only does it work to get the bottle to correct temperature, but it works fast! Sure there are some for the home, but the most helpful we found, were the travel bottle warmers.

If you are looking for something a little less “tech” go out and get an insulated travel bottle bag. They may not warm up your baby’s bottle but they will help in keeping them warm while you are out in the cold.

Car Seat Cover:

I never left home without our car seat cover. A good car seat cover safely protects our little ones from germs, wind, snow and rain.

Baby Lotion:

The cold weather can be drying to not just our skin, but to your little one as well. Invest in a good moisturizing lotion for their sensitive skin.


Cold weather means dry air. Having dry air in the home can lead to dry, irritated skin on your little one. Adding a humidifier in the home will add moisture into the air and can also help to relieve your little one of dry skin, lips and nose.

Baby Carrier:

There are moments when your little one may want to be snuggled up on you rather than sitting in a stroller. I recommend getting a comfortable baby carrier. Many of them can be used during both summer and winter months. It’s a great way to be hands free and keep your little one close to you.