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We’ve recently found out about a new social network exclusively for moms! connects women at all stages of motherhood to support them and make life a little happier. is all about communication – tell stories, ask for advice, share news, like, comment, find friends and talk to each other. On you can just talk without hanging labels – “breast-feeding mom,” “young mom”, “mom with twins” …

moms dot com

You can create a custom profile that includes not only a picture of you, but also can (but isn’t required) include pictures and ages of your little ones! Make sure and add your location so that you can connect with local moms for things like pediatrician referrals or family friendly events! You can also connect with moms who have children the same ages as yours, or who are in the same stages of life-from trying to conceive all the way to having older children! account cover

One of the site’s most unique features is Mom’s Moments. This functionality allows users to create ‘sharable moments’. Users can upload a photo or pick from a gallery of images and then add some text. Select a cute background and your moment is complete!

We turned a recent moment into a Mom’s Moment. If you follow us on social media, then you might have seen this picture:

That moment when you pick up your baby and their back is wet...

It is a true mom moment! We’ve all been there at one point, and it’s fun to share these moments with the other moms on

On the other side of the mommy spectrum, here’s a tender moment that makes my heart melt between my two boys:

Tiny feet tiptoe into your heart and stay there forever.

Mom’s Moments like this one truly remind us that all the hard work is really worth it!

We turned a crazy mom moment from our trip to a ski resort into a mom’s moment:

Decent family photos with toddlers are rare...

Trying to take a picture with a dog, a toddler and a child crying is hard, and a good shot is rare, but it’s real life!

Sometimes, the best advice comes from real life experience. There is a great forum on called Moms Expertise” – a growing community-based collection of real and unique mom experience. Here you can find solutions to your issues and help other moms by sharing your own advice. You can find all kinds of boards in this area, or you can narrow it down to the stage you are in! There’s everything from pregnancy boards and trying to conceive boards to baby, toddler, older children etc! It’s great to reach out to other moms, because every mom who’s been there is the best expert for her baby.

Share YOUR mom moments on, and find Emily’s account and follow her!

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