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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud Diapers.

Recently, I met up with a few other moms in the media at a local play date with our little ones to get together, play and learn all about White Cloud Diapers and test them out! I love getting together with other bloggers, especially mom bloggers! We all have fun chatting about our kids, our websites and no one judges us for being stuck to our cameras, phones or tablets.

The kids had a blast playing with all the toys,

eating the snacks,

and jumping on the jumphouse outside (my Miles’s favorite part of the day!)

The moms all enjoyed talking about diapers, swapping potty training horror stories, and checking out the White Cloud Diapers (even playing the ever so popular “guess what’s in the diaper” game!)

Ryann from A Home For My Heart was gracious enough to offer her little guy as our diaper tester! He was a tiny little 6 week old cutie, and made for a great model of these adorable diapers!

We had so much fun all together, and at the end of the play date, we each took some diapers home to use ourselves!

Miles is potty trained during the day, but night time seems to be hard for him. We still use diapers every single night, and we need a diaper that is not just  super absorbent, but also affordable for our family! I was excited to hear that Walmart re-introduced their premium line of White Cloud Diapers back onto the shelves, a mom on a budget’s dream! We have used them every night and I am happy to say that despite my son’s constant trips to the bathroom for more water before bed, the diapers hold up! We’ve had some seriously wet beds in the past from other (more expensive) diaper brands, but we are very pleased with the quality that White Cloud Diapers offers! And they’re cute, too! Miles is in a size 5, which features an adorable hippo!

Here are the awesome features of White Cloud Diapers:

Leakage Protection: What every mom wants in a diaper! White Cloud diapers absorbent core pulls the moisture away from your little one, keeping them dry and happy.
Affordable Luxury: Despite being one of the most affordable diapers I’ve come across, White Cloud Diapers are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, perfect for my son’s terribly sensitive skin.
Comfort for your Child: These diapers are so soft, and very comfortable for your little one. Sizes Newborn, 1 & size 2 feature an extra soft quilted inner liner that will help keep those newborn blowouts under control.
Convenience Features: You’ll find a wetness indicator on the Newborn through size 2 diapers to help know when to change your new baby
Savings: This is what I love! White Cloud Diapers are available at everyday low prices me stay on budget without sacrificing quality!

Diapering can be one of the biggest expenses in a family’s weekly budget and a great performing diaper is a must-have for parents. In order to make this affordable, Wal-Mart has reintroduced their premium line of White Cloud diapers to address the needs of today’s busy parents.

White Cloud Diapers provide your baby the highest quality diaper with superior leakage protection, exceptional softness and great fit. White Cloud Diapers are available exclusively at Walmart, where you can find low prices everyday on all your family’s needs. Check them out today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of #WhiteCloudDiapers, but all opinons are my own

All photographs taken by Green Vintage Photography