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Adina Hands are fullWith three boys (2 of them little toddlers), you can imagine the comments I get when I am out with all three. People seem to feel the need to let me know that they recognize how chaotic my life is.

Yes. I know my hands are full. Thanks.

Adina, the founder of Whirlwind Bags gets the same comments with her three boys. Her response? “Our hands are full and we like it.” Because life with toddlers is lovely, and fast, and messy, and exhausting, and fun, she has designed a line of diaper bags built to live up to the needs of the Whirlwind of parenting.

We are so pleased to introduce you to Whirlwind Bags:Grey Whirlwind Bag

This stylish backpack style bag is perfectly designed to take you through the adventures of parenthood with young children and lasts well beyond the diapered years!Whirlwind diaper bags

I am currently potty training my third son and I realize that I don’t want to be without a diaper bag just because I don’t have kids in diapers. The convenience of having a bag on hand to store changes of clothes, snacks, drinks and toys has grown on me and I’m not interested in dropping the diaper bag any time soon. My Whirlwind bag will transition with us into the diaper-less kid years perfectly-not just because it’s simplified design looks great but because Whirlwind bags are made with the highest quality materials.
Whirlwind DadWe’ve given our Whirlwind bag a run for it’s money with trips to the park, pool, shopping and even hiking in Zion National Park (and an accidental fall into the Virgin river there!). This bag is solid.

Let’s take a look inside:Inside Whirlwind BagsThe first thing you’ll notice in every Whirlwind bag is the signature buttery yellow color.  I just love the contrast of the yellow against the black pockets. The front of the bag opens completely, making it impossible to lose that precious pacifier or toy! No more digging to the bottom of the bag because you can literally see the bottom. There are several mesh pockets to hold diapers, changes of clothes and wipes.

Speaking of wipes,Whirlwind Wipes PouchCan we talk about this wipes pouch?! Diaper changes are quick and easy when everything is right at your fingertips and Whirlwind offers just that.

Parents need a pocket for their own items as well, and the lower pocket (which also opens all the way out) features a leather key fob with matching key ring and a mesh pocket. My favorite feature is the flap above that pocket-it folds down over the zipper, and keeps your valuables safe.
Parent Pocket on Whirlwind BagThere is a full length pocket at the back of the bag, perfect for storing the changing pad, but it also fits my iPad or my laptop and keeps them safe thanks to the waterproof lining!Whirlwind Diaper BagWe are absolutely in love with this new brand and everything they are about. The bags they have designed are trendy yet understated, sturdy yet lightweight, and the look is timeless. They are the perfect bag to take along on the adventure of parenthood.

Plus, why not support a fellow mama whose hands are full?

Grey Whirlwind Diaper Bag

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