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Good morning!

Today we’re going to talk about something a little different—workouts for kids! Now I’m not suggesting you get all crazy and send your toddler to boot camp or get your second-grader a personal trainer, but it’s still important for the little ones to get some exercise, too. Passing on a love of fitness will create lifelong good habits and result in healthier adults!

Olivia, my three-year-old, loves yoga. If she can get her hands on my yoga mat, she’ll twist and turn and roll herself into weird shapes. She’s not really at the level of challenging Iyengar for his yoga master title, but it’s the thought that counts when it comes to kids.

There are many books, videos and even local classes out there that offer customized yoga for little ones, and some of them are awesome. However, as moms we know that as with most things, you don’t necessarily need to buy something when you can improvise. The same rule applies with fitness.

When I’m working out, I encourage the kids to work out right alongside me and modify the activity to their own level. What’s more fun to a kid than mimicking mom or dad?! It doesn’t matter if it’s 100-percent right or is even 3-percent right. What matters is they’re having fun, moving their bodies and getting into the healthy habit of taking good care of themselves.

If you want to get really inspired, check out this INSANE video. I’m not saying you should make your kids do this type of thing, but it just shows that the little ones are capable of stuff we never think of. So without further ado, here’s a video of a nine-month old baby doing pull-ups.

WHOA! Did you see that?

I can’t even do pull-ups like that! That baby is insane!

So again, don’t expect your baby to do pull-ups (though that would be creepy/awesome, right?). It is far more likely they’ll bounce around, giggle and spin in circles. The bottom line: Instilling a desire to exercise in your child will increase your child’s likelihood to continue to exercise!

So get to it! You might be surprised at how much they can do!