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Today, I will not have time for a proper workout. I’ve got a mountain of homework, a messy house and a wee one running amok. Sometimes, there just isn’t any time at all! When that’s the case, there’s only one answer: MAKE TIME!

I know, I know… that sounds silly. But hear me out! I’m not telling you to stop what you’re doing, turn off your computer and dedicate an hour to getting buff. I’m telling you to exercise WHILE you’re doing everything else. We’re moms so we are master multi-taskers, right?!

Quick Tips:
1. Instead of walking to the laundry room, do some lunges on the way!

2. Make it a game with your little ones to hop to wherever you need to go (even the kitchen) – it’s a blast for them and a workout for your buns and thighs. Bonus points if you do it while carrying a kid!

3. Every time you get an urge to stop doing what you’re doing and check your Facebook/email/etc., drop and give me 20 (pushups, not dollars… though dollars are nice)!

4. Washing the dishes? Great time for standing calf raises!

Not hanging out indoors today? NO EXCUSE! I found this amazing article in the Chicago Tribune that offers even more fun ways to squeeze fitness into your day – while letting the kids play at the park!

Image from Phil Velasquez @ The Chicago Tribune

Its important to remember that fitness is a lifestyle, not just a half an hour a few times a week. If you think about being in great shape all the time, you realize the whole world is a gym!

Good luck and have a great day!