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Are you ready to bust out your morning workout? Let’s get going!

For this you’ll need a comfy piece of floor (or a yoga mat) and something like a box or a ball, which will come in handy around the one-minute mark of today’s video if you don’t have a fancy squishy ball like they do. You could also use a sandbag of sorts if you have one. If you don’t, either modify that portion of the workout, buy one, or check out how to make your own on the cheap! If you’ve got an interval timer or an app on your phone, that will help you transition smoothly between exercises without needing to count. Otherwise, count reps the old fashioned way and set a reasonable goal for yourself!

Ready? LET’S GO!

Image: BodyRock.TV

Here’s my pick for the Workout-of-the-Day: Hot Pants Sweat Workout

Remember to always modify exercises to fit your own ability. Can’t do so many reps? Don’t! Can’t jump so high? Don’t! While it’s important to push yourself, there is a fine line between teetering on the edge of your body’s limits and jumping off the cliff. Even workouts that don’t take a long time can still hurt if you’re overzealous.

Now wasn’t that a good morning?


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