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With my first son, I owned a simple baby carrier that I found for a steal at some bargain store. Sure, it did the job but I paid for it in shoulder and back pain. And then I found out about the term “crotch danglers”. This is a term used to describe baby carriers that, well, dangle your baby by his or her crotch. While at the time I felt like that must be more comfotable for baby than to have their legs spread wide open, after doing my research (after the fact) I found that a carrier that keeps baby’s knees and hips at the same height in a seated position is much more comfortable for them AND better for their hips!  I really only used my “crotch dangler” a few times because it was way too uncomfortable for me, and I never bought anything else because I assumed all baby carriers would hurt to wear.

Then I found out that ergonomic soft structured carriers like Ergobaby DON’T hurt your shoulders or back. They are actually designed to be easy and comfortable to wear.

When I had the opportunity to try out an Ergobaby carrier, I jumped at the chance because I was determined to wear my baby much more often this time around, and I wanted to test out the comfort level for myself.

Ergobaby Carriers are comfortable for parents, ergonomic for baby, offer multiple carry positions and allow you to carry your baby from day 1 all the way up to 45lbs. They are considered a “must have” on many baby registry lists and I had to find out why.

The first thing that made the Ergo stand out to me was the multiple carry positions. I have used a few baby carriers now, and most only offer strictly front carry. The hip carrying postion and the back carry make this carrier so appealing to me so that as my child grows I can still carry him without him being confined to just looking at my chest/face.

Because my little guy is still a newborn, we have only used the front carry position, but I will be coming back to update my thoughts on hip and back carrying in a few months! Today I’m just going to be talking about infant carrying with the Ergo.

I received the Ergobaby Organic Collection Bundle of Joy in Dark Chocolate. The Bundle of Joy is a package deal that comes with the carrier as well as the infant insert you would need for your newborn baby until they have head/neck control.

The infant insert is like a little papoose for your newborn baby that helps to keep them snug in the carrier, as well as give them stability for their head/neck. There is also a little pillow in the bottom of it to give them a little height in the carrier. This can be removed as your baby grows taller, and then even used in the carrier without the infant insert to give a little height when your baby first starts using the carrier without the insert.

I couldn’t wait to have my new baby to start carrying him in it! Immediately I took it out of the box to check it out and loved the softness of the material used, as well as the sturdiness of it. Yes, I did try it on while 9 months pregnant…and it fit. The buckle for the waist belt can be let out pretty far. I’m a voluptuous momma as it is with big hips, and this baby still fit me with a big ole belly and bigger hips! Score!

We took the Ergo out for it’s first use when my little Theo was 1 week old. It was easy to use, I placed him into the Infant Insert and then put the carrier on. I did it without any assistance on the first try-really simple to use frineds! If you need, there are instructional videos on their site to help you as well as visual instructions in the manual and online.

There is a built in hood for your little one that snaps easily onto the shoulder straps (see below left) and it protects them from sun, wind and obnoxious strangers who tend to get too close and touch babies (why do they think that’s ok?!).

There is a convenient pocket on the front of the carrier that I typically use to keep my phone and an extra pacifier, but you could also use it for keys or money if you are out at the store, eliminating the need for a purse!

My biggest complaints about the Ergo would have to be
1. The infant insert is like a sauna. My little guy and I are both very sweaty after wearing it for a while. Not my favorite feeling, especially post-partum when I am already having hot flashes. It is worth using despite that though, because it really keeps his head supported and safe.
2. With this Ergo, there is no forward facing front-carry position. Strictly facing you, or they can be forward facing on your back.

I love wearing Theo in my Ergo. He falls asleep everytime because he is just so cozy and snug against me, and I am able to snuggle with him and still get things like laundry, dishes and dinner done without having to put him down. Best of all is that it really truly is comfortable. I could wear it all day without my back or shoulders getting tired, because the ergonomic design of the Ergobaby distributes the baby’s weight between your shoulders and your hips. I have some serious back problems from my first pregnancy, and I have no issues wearing the Ergo.

Stay tuned for a back and hip carry update in a few months!

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*I received this product to review, all opinions are my own.