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Ugh. We all dread it. Dealing with customer service. It’s a drag, right? No one seems to “get” what you are trying to say, and it seems as though there is just no more service left in customer service.

Take my previous wireless provider’s customer service. We had recently moved to a new area that we THOUGHT (because customer service assured us) was covered by our provider, but lo and behold- it wasn’t! So I drove down to their local store with the full intent to cancel service and move on to something with coverage that worked for us.

I briefly explained what the issue was, fully intending on just having a quick little pow-wow about it and they would hit the cancel button! Instead, I was asked a million questions. Things like “Are you sure there’s not a spot in your house that works?” Um…I want it to work ALL over my house. OH! What about “Maybe it wasn’t YOUR service…it was the other caller.” REALLY?! Because I know of so many land lines that drop calls. Don’t you? What? You don’t?!

So imagine my frustration when the conversation not only took the turn that they wanted me to stay…no no. They wanted me to upgrade my plan! Hi, do you want more minutes you can drop calls with?

Is that really a company looking out for the best interest of their customer? Sounds to me like they are just out to get more moola.

Lucky for disgruntled customers like me, there’s an amazing wireless provider like US Cellular out there that takes customer service seriously. They have the highest satisfaction rating of any national carrier, and they care about the customer.

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