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It can be hard to stick to an exercise regimen, especially when you’ve got kids – and forget about it if you work or go to school as well! So in honor of everyone’s least favorite day of the week, let’s get in gear and sweat a little before starting our day.

Wait, WHAT?! We’re supposed to not only be awake but DOING SOMETHING?! Yup! In fact, early morning exercise is thought to stimulate your metabolism, making it easier for you to burn calories all day long! Another great aspect of morning exercise is usually that everyone is asleep, which means I don’t get interrupted by the “Mom… mom… moooooom!” that accompanies any other time of day! (See? Now you’re out of excuses!)

So to get you in the mood for early morning madness, check out this great site: Body Rock TV. Its packed full of exercise videos, detailed explanations with pictures of moves you may not have tried before, and best of all: it all requires minimal equipment. So who needs the gym when you can get buffed out in your bedroom?! Some of the content is a little risqué (because some of the ladies are pretty boobalicious) but the team at Body Rock TV takes fitness seriously and wants everyone to be healthy and confident in their bodies too!

Here’s my pick for the Workout-of-the-Day, sure to burn your booty and wake you right up!

Planks, knee tucks and burpees? OH MY! I like to call the knee tucks “the lizard,” because I feel like a giant creepy lizard while I do them. Try not to think about that while you’re trying though, or you’ll laugh and fall down.

(skip to around 1:48 on the video to get to the workout…)

Be sure to check out the other videos on Body Rock TV and don’t be discouraged by her (insane) physique. I personally don’t look a darn thing like that, but I feel great when I complete the workout anyway! You can also find them on Facebook.

Now that was a GOOD morning!