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My son is always wanting to take things apart and put them back together. That’s why I was thrilled to try out the MOTORWORKS–a new line from Manhattan Toy. Your child’s imagination will be fired up and their engines going when they use these engaging toys!

MOTORWORKS is a set of toy vehicles designed for children ages 3 and up. Affordable and customizable, these toys appeal to both parents and children. These sleek cars can be taken apart and reassembled in multiple ways. Add an accessory pack or two and the possibilities are endless. We chose to try out the STS Stealth Polic Cruiser 1.0 MOTORCAR with the Police Pursuit accessory kit. It was so much fun to fix up the cruiser with the accessory kit.

My son loved taking the wheels on and off. He is still a little bit young for adding the stickers to the parts of the accessory pack. There are many great features about these cars. The parts are easy to take on and off, yet they stay put while your child plays with it. The best part about the accessories is that they work with any of the vehicles in the series. Just because you purchase the police accessory, doesn’t mean you have to use it on the police car. Let your child think outside the box, mixing and matching accessories to any of the vehicles!

There are nine models in the MOTORWORKS line from Manhattan Toys:

  • Street Series: pick GT Road Racer, FX Tuner Wagon or XT Sport
  • Speed Series: pick EXS Ground Effects Roadster, FSS Flareside Truck or STS Stealth Police Cruiser
  • Extreme Series: pick FSX Monster Truck, STX Patriot Dragster or FX Fire Chief

Also, they are debuting 2 pack vehicle sets for $29.99. All the single cars all range from $14.99-19.99 with accessory packs starting at just $4.99. With accessory kits being interchangeable, MOTORWORKS makes a great vehicle collection for your child. If your child is anything like mine when it comes to exploring items and taking things apart, MOTORWORKS will be an instant hit in your house.

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