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Election season is upon us! What better time to teach your children about the responsibilities of being a USA citizen and about our country’s election process. Sometimes it can be hard to find new, fun and non-bias ways to help your children learn about politics. However, PBS Kids has a fabulous website full of fun activities, interactive learning and neutral information pertaining to the election; The Democracy Project.

As a parent who always takes my children with me to vote, I was so excited to find The Democracy Project. Sitting down and exploring the site might have been just as fun for me as it was for my daughter! There are so many things to explore on the website. We started with meeting the candidates:

The Meet the Candidates section was great! I love how the facts about the candidates made them relatable to children, highlighting their nicknames, favorite foods and more. Because, let’s face it, children probably hear enough of the politics behind the candidates by overhearing the news on TV or the radio! You even have the option to print the information to read with your child. After meeting the candidates, we decided to explore the Sticker Race. This is the true highlight of the website for children. The Sticker Race is a place where they can make stickers based on an issue or the candidate they choose. Then you can submit your sticker and others vote on their favorite stickers! Sticker HQ shows the top stickers, the top sticker maker and the top issues. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the top issue for children is animals. What child doesn’t love animals?! Again, that highlights what I love about The Democracy Project–it focuses on what children feel are important and makes it relatable to children.

There is so much more to explore at PBS Kids: The Democracy Project. Here’s what they have to say to parents and teachers:

The activities and lesson plans have been designed with
the following goals in mind:

  • Introducing the structure and duties of local, state and federal government;
  • Understanding how government affects our everyday lives, through laws, institutions and services provided in the community;
  • Identifying the duties of the U.S. president and thinking critically about the skills necessary to be a good president;
  • Understanding the history of voting rights in America, and articulating how voting and other forms of civic involvement are essential to a healthy democracy.

Head over to PBS Kids today and try this site with your children. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed! The Democracy Project is the best way I have seen to get children excited and involved in politics.