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Unwind Featured
Life gets hectic as a parent. Really hectic. Between school, homework, sports, cleaning, cooking, errands, breaking up fights, playing pretend, and changing diapers I don’t easily find time for ME. I am so blessed to be able to work at home with my boys, but by the end of the day I really need a break. Thanksfully, my husband steps in after dinner for “boys time” and takes both the boys into one of their bedrooms to play and then bathes them so that I can get some quiet time to myself.

Sometimes, my alone time is spent washing dinner dishes, others it’s spent catching up on a quick show. My absolute favorite way to unwind and enjoy alone time though is to be crafty. When the kids are out of the way I can cut, sew, paint and glue to my heart’s content! For some, that may not seem like a way to unwind, but it’s how I spent my time before having kids. With little guys running around, I can’t exactly concentrate on the messiness of crafts for myself. Fingerpainting? Sure. Sewing? Not a chance!

I set up my sewing supplies on the table and sit down with a hot cup of coffee that I can savor all to myself. My current favorite is is Starbucks® Caramel flavored K-Cup® Packs with hot steamed vanilla almond milk. I can indulge and enjoy it hot while I do what I love, unlike my morning coffee that ends up cold before I can drink it (but I DO love a good iced coffee too!!).


Right now, I have two new nephews and a baby boy of my own on the way, so I’ve been busy sewing all kinds of fun boys onesies and blankets for these adorable babies! I love having crafts to keep me busy, and my mug of coffee beside me to keep me cozy while I create these handmade keepsakes for the little ones I love.



As a parent, make sure you take time to unwind and savor a little alone time to do the things you love to do. What do you do to unwind? Do you have time at the end of the day (or even while your kiddos are at school!) all to yourself so savor the alone time and maybe even a delicious treat??

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