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Summer is pretty much here, which means we like to spend a lot of time outdoors. My family and I are always looking for ways to get the neighborhood involved in fun activities we can enjoy without having to go far. One of our favorite ways is by throwing themed parties in our very own backyard. With a lot of great movies out on DVD, we decided to host a food truck themed outdoor family movie night. We took all our favorite food truck items, and tweaked them with food items the kids would all enjoy.

Food Truck Themed Outdoor Movie Night

To get the party started, we filled up balloons and a bouncy house and the kids went wild. Making sure the kids get a lot of play before settling down for a movie is key. I recommend inviting kids over about an hour or two before the movie starts to run around and be kids. You can put out balls, balloons, a swimming pool and more, so the kids can burn off all that energy before you introduce snacks and start the movie.

Once the sun started to go down, we set out the food, placed dry, inflatable pools out on the lawn for the kids to sit inside with their sleeping bags, propped up the TV on a table, popped in a movie and enjoyed the night in our outside movie theatre.

The food was a huge hit among the children and adults. Here’s what was served.

Sno-Cone Popcorn Balls-


You can’t watch a movie without popcorn. So to make things a little more exciting, we made them to look like sno-cones, by sweetening up the popcorn using this technique, formed them into a ball, and placed them in paper cones. Less mess and more fun!

Sugar Cookie Fruit Tacos-

Fruit Pizza Tacos

One of our favorite dessert recipes to make during the summer are these incredible fruit pizzas. Since we were trying to keep up with the food truck theme, we decided to turn the fruit pizzas into tacos. Same idea, just folded up a bit.

Capri Sun Organic Slushies-


These slushies were the biggest hit of the party. This was also the easiest thing to make. We took the Capri Sun Organic pouches, put them in the freezer for about an hour, cut the tops and then stuck in the spoon.

Why we love using Capri Sun Organic: It’s Certified USDA Organic, Contains one serving of fruit in each pouch (Each pouch provides 1/2 cup fruit juice which is one serving of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines), made with 66% fruit juice, no added sugar, fortified with 100% recommended daily value of vitamin C, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Hot Dog Mac & Cheese Sliders-

Mac+Cheese+Dog Sliders

Obviously we needed something a little more hearty. Kids love both Mac & Cheese and hot dogs, so we decided to incorporate the two into a fun slider that would be easy for the kids to grab and eat.

Apple Nachos-

Caramel Apple Nachos

Apple slices drizzled with caramel and chocolate? Yes please! You can get as creative as you want with these. Use apple slices, apple chips, and top with your favorite ingredients.

Planning a backyard party is fun and easy! There are so many options out there and these foods items above could easily be adapted into any theme.

Fun Food Truck Themed Movie Night

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