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If you are expecting a baby and would like to keep the gender a surprise, I have the perfect baby clothing line for you!  Meet Twotara, an innovative, gender-neutral clothing line that’s perfect for moms keeping their baby’s gender a surprise! Twotara offers a newborn clothing with one side blue and one side pink so you can finally say goodbye to yellow and green baby clothes!

I wish I would have known about Twotara sooner; with my first born, we waited to find out the baby’s gender and we bought a bunch of yellow and green clothes in preparation for our baby.  The problem was when my son was born, I wanted nothing to do with my yellow and green clothes; I wanted all blue! As a new mom, I wanted to show off my son to the world, and I certainly didn’t wanting people asking me if he was a boy or a girl, so there was no way I was going to put him in gender-neutral clothes. The money I spent on green and yellow clothes was a complete waste and Reece never wore them.

“Twotara, Inc. was born out of the frustration of buying uninspired gender neutral gifts. With 40 percent of expectant parents not learning the sex of the baby until birth, the Twotara clothing line has your baby covered! This premier product line is redefining the newborn, gender-neutral market with garments that are pink on one side, blue on the other”.

The Twotara line is also a perfect shower gift for expecting moms. I often found that while I enjoyed keeping my baby’s gender a surprise; I was driving my friends and family crazy because they wanted to start shopping for gifts! Send them to Twotara so they can still shop for you in the meantime. Not only will it help keep your friends and family happy, it could help you save money if you plan to have more children. If you end up having both a boy and a girl, all you will have to do is reverse the outfits and voila, you are all set with baby clothes for each child!

Here is a picture of my sweetie pie in her an adorable Twotara outfit.  It was great because we didn’t know the gender of our baby, but we just brought this reversible outfit so whether it was a boy or girl, we would have a cute outfit for pictures!

To check out Twotara’s line of gender-neutral clothing, you can find them at They have all of your newborn necessities including rompers, sleep gowns, hats, booties and mittens! Be sure to also like them on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter for recent product news and specials.

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