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 I have been using my Tweekaboo app for my iPhone for a couple of months now and I just had to share this great app with all of you. My husband works crazy hours. I am literally a single mom Monday-Friday and we get my husband back on the weekends. It always depresses me that he misses out on a lot of special moments with my kids: sporting events, school plays, field trips and more. It kills him that he has to miss these events. Before I had the Tweekaboo app I was sending him picture text messages like crazy. Most of you may be wondering why on earth you would need an app like this when the iPhone offers free iMessaging. But here’s the scary truth: how many of you back up your iPhone weekly? I can bet you that majority of iPhone users don’t back up their phone as often as they should which leaves room for things like losing your phone, breaking your phone or your iPhone deleting all of your contents on your phone. Sadly the last thing happened to me in November and I was devastated. All my photos and videos of special moments with my kids all gone to never been seen again. It happens and a lot more often than we think.

Tweekaboo was created by a father on a mission:

We believe in the beautiful complexity of modern, real, family life.  That’s why our mission is to make it easy to record and privately share your real-life family moments.

Tweekaboo was inspired by family life. Our founder, Eugene, discovered that being a modern dad meant questioning why he had to miss out on the everyday moments of his children’s lives. He wanted to stay connected to the highs, the lows, the laughter and the tears as they happened. Eugene realized that every text, voicemail, photo, and video of his children’s lives were stuck on his phone! He knew that each of these individual messages told bits of the story of his children’s lives – they just were not being organized into a story!

As a parent, he knew he had to create a safe and private place to store and share these little moments – and that private place is Tweekaboo.

Tweakaboo really is a wonderful place to share your family’s story with your loved ones. Even family members without a smart phone can log onto Tweakaboo straight from their website, making this a wonderful thing for grandparents!

Tweekaboo has some great features!

  • It’s Free
  • Record-on-the-Go
  • Share Privately With Family
  • Create a Pregnancy Journal
  • Organized Diary/Journal for Baby
  • Tag Moments
  • Track Milestones
  • Timeline your Moments

Wanna see Tweakaboo in action? Here’s a short video showing all you can do with this app:

You can download the Tweekaboo app on iTunes or visit their website at:


Disclosure: I personally own this free app, thoughts and opinions are my own.