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I instantly fell in love with turtles while I was pregnant with my youngest son. I did the whole “blue” scheme for the oldest son and needed a change. I decided that green was going to be the color scheme for this child and turtles fit perfectly with the tones I wanted to use. Planning a turtle-themed baby shower was so much fun. There are so many ways to make it a unique and gorgeous party. When planning any themed party, I recommend starting with your color choices and then going from there. For me, it was greens and browns.

I love candy bars and thought adding a “sweets” table would be a great addition to the party. I filled vases with candy and purchased mini bags from Michael’s for guest to put their candy scoops in.

The diaper cake had to be my absolute favorite. My mom made this incredible diaper cake. I will be posting a tutorial in the near future, so you may want to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss it. Inside the diaper cake my mom put one of my favorite bottles of wine in it. Not only did it act as a base for the cake, but once my son was born, I could use the diapers AND drink the wine! Genius, if you ask me.

I ordered these Chinese boxes from My mom and I jazzed up the boxes by gluing ribbon and “It’s a Boy” charms onto them. I lined the inside of the boxes with napkins I fell in love with. You can easily put tissue in the favor boxes, but I just had to have these napkins.

I made these adorable mini turtle sugar cookies to go inside the favor boxes. My mother-in-law is the queen of sugar cookies and baked these up for me. We painted them and once they were dry we placed five sugar cookies in each favor box.

I just had to have a turtle fruit bowl at my baby shower! I mean, what’s a turtle-themed party without one? I had my talented husband create this masterpiece and everyone raved about it! Here’s a great tutorial on how we made it.

We added a cute turtle freezer pack to the lemonade. It was a great addition to the punch bowl and helped keep the lemonade cold.

One great thing about a turtle-themed baby shower is that it’s gender neutral. So if you are on team green (not finding out the sex), this would be a great theme for you.