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Travels in the Toyota Sienna

Last month I wrote an article about my girl’s weekend in the 2014 Toyota Sienna. In the article I mentioned I planned two back-to-back road trips. One of the road trip’s was the girl’s weekend to Lake Tahoe, California. The other road trip was our weekend in Apple Hill which is right near Placerville, California.

We love Apple Hill! During the Fall visitors from all around go there to pick and eat deliciously ripe apples, eat homemade apple desserts like apple smoothies, apple pies, apple strudels, apple donuts and more. I seriously could gain 30lbs just by visiting because the desserts are to die for. They even have a fishing pond where you can fish and watch the most beautiful ducks I have ever seen.


During the winter you can go and chop down your own Christmas Tree, enjoy some freshly brewed apple cider and spend some wonderful family time.

apple hill

My husband’s grandfather lives about 10 minutes from Apple Hill so we decided to make a weekend of it and visit and then spend our Saturday at Apple Hill. Normally we would be forced to take 2 cars, with 4 of us (plus a dog) and 2 of them. However with the 2014 Toyota Sienna we were able to fit everyone in the mini van comfortably for our trip to Apple Hill.

8 passanger

That’s my husband and his grandfather in the front, my toddler and Gramp’s wife in the second row, and my oldest and me in the third row. The dog was laying on the floor by our feet. Clearly the ride was extremely comfortable as we watched Megamind. My husband’s grandfather and wife were so amazed at the technology in the Sienna. They couldn’t believe the widescreen TV and Connie, Gramp’s wife, thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch a movie with our toddler. I think this picture captures how comfortable our toddler was in his Clek car seat!


When we got to Apple Hill, Gramps showed the boys how to fish! They had never been fishing before and this was such a special moment that he could be the first to teach them. Definitely a memory we will all cherish forever. The boys did so good and caught their fishes in no time at all. They were the perfect sizes to eat, so after they caught them, one of the employees took them to clean.



After spending several hours at Apple Hill it was time to head back to my husband’s grandfather’s house for some delicious dinner. We had such an amazing time that weekend and thanks to the Sienna we were able to spend the drive to and from Apple Hill together.



To check out that super awesome car seat my toddler was using, check out our article on the Clek Foonf!

Toyota provided me with a Sienna to review and a $500 gift card for activities throughout the campaign. All opinions are my own.