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I love to travel! Seriously, if I could live out of a suitcase (a rather large one) and see the world I would. However, sometimes traveling just isn’t in our budget. Just recently I was given the opportunity to travel from Northern California to New York City to attend Food Network’s New York City Wine and Food Festival. In fact, I am there right now! But flying to New York can be rather expensive and definitely not something we would normally be able to afford if I had to bring the whole family. Luckily there are some websites that I have booked through and gotten some killer deals from. My husband and I have gone to Las Vegas on a weekend and stayed at a well-known hotel for about $32/night. Insanely cheap, right? I even scored my round trip ticket to New York for under $250 (including tax)! How does that happen?! With patience and knowing the right websites to keep an eye on, there are so many opportunities for you and your family to travel. Not to mention most of these websites now offer deals on concert tickets, restaurants, shopping, outings and so much more.

Here are two websites I have personally used and benefitted from:


Travelzoo is my number one website when looking for travel deals. I am not a fan of signing up for email updates when it comes to websites, but I love Travelzoo so much that I get excited when ever I do get an email from them. True Story! I love looking at all the great deals they have out of the area I live in. I set our location to San Francisco and I get flight deals from SFO to just about anywhere in the world. I also get local deals for concerts, plays, cruises and sport games.


Southwest Vacations:

Remember that amazing hotel deal I got when I went to Vegas? I got the deal straight through Southwest Vacations and I have to say how impressed I have been using them. I have never purchased through a website that was more organized and on top of things like Southwest Airlines. With the vacation package we had purchased through them, we got our insanely cheap room, flights (Southwest of course), free buffets every day and drink tickets for a steal! If you are looking for a vacation package that includes hotel and flight, I would check out Southwest Vacations first.


What are your favorite deal sites to use for vacationing?