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Let’s face it: we all need nights away from the kiddos to indulge and live it up. Date nights are few and far between for my husband and I, but when we get the chance, we want to fully enjoy our night! We had the chance to visit San Francisco recently, and if you are near San Francisco or get a chance to visit, DO NOT pass up the opportunity to get a top notch meal at an amazing restaurant, Bourbon Steak.

Located inside of the Westin St. Francis in Union Square, Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak is the perfect setting for a night out that’s not to be forgotten.

When we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted with a calming atmosphere that felt instantly comfortable.

Our server for the evening was amazing and answered all of our questions, offering suggestions when needed and knew the menu like the back of her hand. In fact, the entire staff at Bourbon was phenomenal. While we were given a pitcher of water at our table to refill our glasses as we needed, not once did we need to use it! Our glasses stayed full the entire evening, and for a thirsty pregnant gal that meant the world to me. Our different courses seemed to be timed perfectly as well. Not one course came too fast after another, and there were good gaps in between each which gave ample time for more visiting with each other and giving each course time to settle before we started the next.

Our table started off the night with cocktails and wine, and while I didn’t partake in a cocktail, the bartender made me a delicious non-alcoholic Mojito (one of my favorite drinks!). The “Sour Taste of Envy” from their Whiskey cocktails was a favorite at our table as well!

Along with our cocktails and wine came something I’ve never experienced before, but can’t wait to go back for more. Rather than bring bread to each table, your server brings out a trio plate of french fries fried in duck fat. These were the best french fries I have ever tasted. They come seasoned three different ways, with three coordinating dipping sauces and each of us at the table had different favorites, but they were all three absolutely delicious! One of the highlights of the evening for sure.

We then enjoyed a shared plate of White Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce and salads. The shrimp were the biggest I have ever seen! We had to take a picture of us holding one so you could get a better idea. Jumbo. The cocktail sauce was the perfect addition for a tangy sweet flavor with a little bite to it. There was also a second sauce provided, but we all preferred the cocktail sauce.

Our salads were brought out beautifully plated, and I can’t stop thinking about the one I ordered! I ate the Baby Butter Lettuce Salad (minus the bleu cheese) and I was floored by the mix of flavors! First off, the dressing was divine. I love a good green goddess dressing, and this one also included avocado in it to make a creamy green goodness! Add in the cherry tomatoes, hard boiled mini eggs and house-made pancetta, and the entire table asked for bites off my plate. It was absolutely a favorite dish of the entire table for the night. We also ordered the Salt Baked Beet Salad, and Jasmine, who is a HUGE beet lover described it as “by far the best tasting beet salad I have ever had. I highly recommend ordering it if you are a fan of beets.”


Our main course came next, and we had a quiet table for a while, tasting all of the delicious food! I ordered the 8oz Angus Fillet because I can’t resist a fillet when I am at a steak house and it did not disappoint. Deliciously seasoned and seared perfectly, it melted like butter in my mouth. Jasmine ordered the Seared Diver Scallops and the flavors of the Scallops blended perfectly together. It was unlike anything I have ever had before. Little tropical bites of Heaven. Our contributor Bex ordered the Waygu Flat Iron Steak, and it was do deliciously marbled and quite a different texture than the fillet, but amazing! We saw a few tables around us order the Lobster Pot Pie, and while we didn’t get a chance to taste it, I had to mention it because it looked impressive! They bring it out to your table in a large pot, and construct it right before your eyes into a beautifully plated meal!

The sides we chose to go along with our main course were Sauteed Heirloom Spinach, Black Truffle Mac & Cheese, and the Cauliflower Gratin. We were not thrilled with the spinach dish, but the Mac & Cheese is not to be missed! So very rich, you don’t need too much on your plate and it’s the perfect portion size for a full table! The truffle flavors stand out to beautifully accent the warm gooey cheese. The Cauliflower Gratin is a wonderful choice as well. I don’t like cauliflower but I did taste this dish and have to say it was absolutely amazing, and if I didn’t know it was cauliflower, I would have guessed it was potatoes. Buttery and creamy, this was a perfect addition to my steak!

After all of the food we ate, we were all full but had seen many of the tables around us order the Beignets and they looked too good to pass up! We decided to share that and the Strawberry Shortcake. The Strawberry Shortcake was so fresh and delicious, topped with the most delicious basil ice cream and fresh whipped cream over a shortcake and a mixture of fresh and sauteed strawberries. But our favorite part of the night? The Beignets. Please make sure to leave room in your stomach for these. Served with a Bourbon Caramel Custard, we were told that if you cut your beignet in half and fill the pocket with the caramel it was the best way to eat it and boy oh boy….one of the best desserts I have eaten in my life. If you go to Bourbon Steak for even a nightcap, do not miss out on the Beignets. We devoured them despite our large dinner, and I didn’t feel guilty at all.

For a memorable night out, Bourbon Steak is not to be missed when you visit San Francisco. Definitely on the pricey side, but the food, service and experience are top notch and well worth the money. Make sure and set aside 2-3 hours for a full meal, and really savor the wonderful evening with your friends, significant other, or family (they do have childrens menus as well!).

*Our meal was hosted by Bourbon Steak, but all opinions are my own.