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Transition your baby to solids

What a big milestone it is to transition your baby from breastmilk or formula into the fun world of solid foods! It’s full of so many choices and it can be very overwhelming to know when to start, what foods to feed your baby, what’s best when it comes to food etc. Lucky for you, us Simply Real Moms have transitioned many babies from liquid to solid diets and have a great list of tips to help you out!

When To Start?
As with anything else health related, always make sure to consult your pediatrician before you make big changes in your baby’s diet. The recommendation on starting solids ranges anywhere from 4-6 months and beyond depending on who you ask. If your baby can sit in a high chair with good neck control and seems interested in eating solid food, it’s probably a good time to think about starting. I usually start my babies around 5 months, but some babies may need to wait until 7 or 8 months. You know your baby best. If you think they are ready, you can test it out. If you think they need to wait a bit then wait.

Baby's First Solids

What Do You Need?
Make sure to stock up on bibs, spoons, and bowls. Bibs that are big are my favorite…the more it can cover the better! Spoons that are soft are perfect for beginner eaters, and the spoons with a flat tip make it amazingly easy to scrape the bowl and baby’s face when there’s a mess of food! They also make spoons that screw onto the top of squeezeable food packets from Plum Organics®! I keep these in my diaper bag so I can even pick up a quick packet of food and feed baby at any time!

What Foods To Start With?
Everyone has their opinions about what food you should begin with. Some say start with rice cereal, some say a vegetable, some say fruit. It’s up to you (again, your pediatrician may have advice for you on this), but I like to skip cereals as the first food. It’s great as a teaching tool, but there’s not really much nutritional value there. I use cereals to thicken up baby food and fill baby up but not really as a first food. I personally like to begin with avocado and sweet potatoes. Both have very mild flavors and aren’t common allergens so they’re safe beginner foods! I like to start with vegetables too. My thinking (whether or not it’s true) is that if I start with fruits then baby will get a taste for that yummy sweetness. I get the basics of eating figured out with veggies and then add in fruits later. Meats can be added in at about 9 months.

Baby's First Solids 2

How Do You Choose A Baby Food Brand?
There are so many kinds of baby food out there, how do you choose what kind to use? I stick with organic if possible, and I keep in mind that the least amount of ingredients is best. The more ingredients you add to baby food, the less it tastes like the food it is! Plum Organics® has an amazing line of baby food called “Just Veggies” and “Just Fruits” that include only a minimal amount of ingredients, and I know exactly what each one is! Starting your baby off with a healthy diet is key in teaching them healthy balanced eating for later in life!

How Do I Start?
Well, just feed baby. I’m kidding. Try only one food at a time for a week at a time to be sure that there aren’t any allergies or sensitivities to the food you are feeding them. If there is an issue, you will know right away what the problem food is! Babies don’t always love eating solid foods right away, but don’t get discouraged! Try a food a few times before you decide baby doesn’t like it. This whole “taste” thing is brand new to babies and can sometimes overwhelm them. Give them a chance to try a food a few times, and while the first time they may spit it out and refuse, they may gobble it right up the third time you try!

What was/will be your baby’s first food?

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