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Being a mom of one, but also a nanny of twins, things get a little hairy when I take all three out to do errands.

Ok, A LOT hairy.

Things were already hectic just taking the twins out to the store, and when I found out I was expecting Miles and knew I would be bringing him with me to work, I knew I had to have a plan of action if I wanted to keep my sanity.

So I started a game. When I would take each of the twins out of the car, they had to touch the car until I touched their shoulder to “release” them.

BUT! If they let go of the car, they had to be holding one of my hands. Then, when we would come out of the store and back to the car, the game started again. Both had to touch the car until I could unlock it and get each into their seats.

Because it was a game, both really played by the rules. Of course, we also talked about WHY we were playing that game, and that staying close to the car was the safest way to be in the parking lot.

In the beginning, it did take constant reminders of me saying, “Touch the car. Touch the car. Touch the car. Touch the car …” You get it?

By the time Miles was born and I went back to work, I was able to put him into the car without worrying where the other two were. They had the game down by then, and it became a competition to see who could touch the car first.

When I told a friend about my game a while back, she told me there are even magnets you can buy to place on your car as a kind of “bullseye.”  They totally add an extra element of fun if you want!

To this day, three years later, all three kids stick to my rule game of always touching the car while I get the other kiddos in/out of the car!

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