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Every year I run into the same dilemma, what do I get him for Valentine’s Day? Choosing a Valentines gift for men can be one tough mission! Since this is something I have always struggled with, I have put together a list of creative gifts I know the men in our lives will enjoy. Though there are so many delightful things out there we would love to get our partner, practicality wise is he won’t use them. I cannot even tell you how many trinkets I have purchased throughout the years that I thought was the best gift ever and it now sits on the shelf collecting dust. It is much better to spend the money on something he will enjoy and can use. I have put together a selection of handpicked ideas I think the man in your life will love!


Beer Love Affair

What man doesn’t love beer? Well, from a man’s perspective beer can possible solve all problems in this world one sip at a time. I found a pretty awesome collection of magnificent gifts for the beer enthusiast.


image025A comprehensive map of over 1,000 breweries in the United States, this is awesome! To make it an even more unique gift you can add pins to this and also make it a personalized map of cities you have traveled together. You can purchase this unique gift over at Pop Chart Lab for only $36


image003Beer Savers! Now why didn’t I think of this! Just sat down after a long day at work and cracked open that special bottle you have been saving all month long, then the children wake up! Yup, story of my life right here. This simple invention allows you to pop a cap on that top and keep your beer fresh and safe. Beer Savers come in an arrange of colors to help identify your beer from others, Helpful for that guys night in!


image004Growlers are great! Most beer lovers have a collection of different growlers that they can use to have filled up at their local brewery. The beer growler appeals to a wide variety of beer drinkers, from the eco-friendly crowd to the nostalgic collectors. The Growler on board is a beer transport unit used to keep your growlers safe from rolling around the backseat or even in your truck.


image005300 Beers to Try Before You Die!

A personal and comprehensive portfolio of international beers compiled by one of the world’s leading beer writers. He will enjoy seeking out the new beers to try from all around.


image006Brooklyn Brew Beer Making Kit, Everyday IPA

If you’re looking to get serious about home brewing this kit is for you. This beer making kit comes with everything you need to make your own beer at home.


image026Beer OF THE MONTH CLUB

Monthly Beer Club! Honestly, I didn’t even know they had such a thing until recently. With a beer club subscription you get 12 bottles of hand-crafted beer a month with a great hard-to-find selection. This is one gift that keeps on giving.


image009Valentine’s Day Printable Beer Labels

I love Etsy! You can find the most unique gifts and for such a great price. Smart Party Planning has these impressive Beer Labels which are perfect for adding a little pep to a few bottles.


For the Music Lover in your life


image027This pick is stamped with the couple’s first initials. Comes in a Kraft paper box ready for gift giving! A unique and thoughtful gift


image012Drumstick pens, perfect for the big kid at work!


image013The ideal accessory for any music-loving man, The Pickpocket™ is the original, authentic guitar pick wallet, designed by a passionate guitarist, for guitarists

Show him the way to his heart with these delicious deserts


image014Did you say bacon? Chocolate and Bacon sounds like the perfection combination for any guy this valentine’s day! 6 Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Apple Wood Smoked Brown Sugar and Black Pepper Glazed Bacon Slices.


image015Valentines Cake In A Can, just add water and bake!


image016Personalized Valentine’s Coffee Stencil

A wonderful personalized coffee stencil of your choice. Perfect for adding sweet messages and personal touches to cappuccinos, hot chocolates, lattes or coffees!


image017Bake him some Red Velvet brownies I found over at Smells Like Home.



 Trying to keep healthy? These are great for Protein Shakes!


Dress him up!




 Give him a bottle of YOUR favorite cologne.


image021A personalized Secret Message Tie is the perfect gift for all Dads, Partners , or even Husbands to be !


image029This fashionable bracelet, hand crafted from quality leather and durable stainless steel, features one set of GPS coordinates of your choosingfirst kiss, place of proposal, wedding, honeymoon etc, this is so creative!


image024This Is What An Awesome Husband Looks Like-


Nothing says I love you more than a handmade card.

Check out these awesome cards on Etsy for some great creative ideas.

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