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Wait, what? Scentsy for kids? Scentsy isn’t just wickless candles, while it’s known mainly for the beautiful ceramic and glass warmers and food-grade, paraffin wax, they have also opened up an entire line of items just for the kiddos! I’m a Scentsy mom of 2 little ones, and have used all of the kid items and just love them!

Scentsy offers some great items for kids. Here are my favorite, top 5 best Scentsy items for your kids or the kid-at-heart!

Scentsy for kids

1. Scentsy Kids diffuser and 100% Natural Oils – The diffusers are offered in 2 designs “Deep Blue Sea” and “Once Upon a Time.” The diffuser body is metal and comes with 5 magnets that are reposition-able for the kiddos to play with. All Scentsy diffusers offer 16 LED light settings that can rotate through the colors, set to one color and a flicker setting and 3 mist settings; high, low or 30 second interval mist. These diffusers are the perfect addition to every little one’s bedroom.

Pair the diffusers are our 2 kid oils! Available in Juicy Pear and Sweet Melon! Have your own favorite oil mix that your little one loves? You can use them in our diffusers as well! All our diffusers have a lifetime replacement warranty too! Should something stop working, contact me and we will get it taken care of. Use of other brand oils will not void the warranty.

2. Our Classic Scentsy Buddies (and Scent Paks) The original Scentsy kid item! Grab a Scentsy buddy for the stuffed animal lover in your pack. These cuties are all limited edition so there is always a new design coming! There is a zipper pouch in the back where a scent pak goes. Zip it back up and your stuffed animal will now smell amazing and will be a best friend and cuddle buddy for many months to come! The scent paks were originally made to go into the zipper pouch of the Scentsy buddies as I talked about above. But they can also be used in your little ones backpacks, your own purse or diaper bag, in your car, in dresser drawers – truly the opportunities are limitless!

Available in 7 signature kid scents (Berry Bubble Blue, Candy Dandy, Jammy Time, Jungle Jam, Oodles of Orange, Rockin Ruby Razz, or Wild What-a- Melon) or any of our other scent lines!

3. Buddy Clips These amazing little cuties are like miniature Scentsy buddies and they’re filled with scented beads like in the scent paks. They have a fun clip that you can clip onto your kiddos book bags, lunch boxes, diaper bags, etc. They are available right now in the same 7 scents as the kid scent paks.

4. Scrubby Buddies Bath time just got a whole lot more fun! Grab your favorite hand puppet available in 6 different designs and pair it with bath smoothie. Soaps are sold separately also. Either way, the kiddos will have a blast in the tub and come out smelling good from head to toe!

5. Kid Warmers and Scent Bars Because we are wickless candles, we have special made warmers just for the kids! Available right now – “Argh, Matey!” and “Under the Sea” in our lampshade warmers and “Buddies Ark”. These warmers will add a whimsical touch to the playroom, bedroom or nursery!

Pair it with one of the 7 signature kid scents – Berry Bubble Blue, Candy Dandy, Jammy Time, Jungle Jam, Oodles of Orange, Rockin Ruby Razz, or Wild What-a- Melon or one of many other scentsy fragrance bars! Our warmers also come with a lifetime electrical replacement warranty!


I hope this list has helped you see into the world of Scentsy for kids! We have so much to offer and I know your little one will love it all just as so many already do! Get that must-have list ready and go the link below to order! Be sure to comment, like and share!

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*This is a guest post written by Scentsy consultant: Holley. Flyer credit: Shawna Potter.