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The day has finally arrived and my 6 year old has lost her first tooth. I anticipate any event that I can go all out for and turn into a magical memory. My children will only be this small once, so I plan on taking full advantage of these years while I can.

First off, we are huge fans of fairies. Fairy stories, fairy poems, fairy movies and even Tinkerbell herself. I grew up with Irish roots and when I was little my mother did the same for me, so passing these traditions on has always been a pleasure and something I look forward to. When my daughter was 4 she caught her very own first fairy, Malinda, so as you can see we were very excited for a “new” fairy, the tooth fairy to make her first appearance.

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These little life events bring so much joy to me, personally. I enjoy every minute of these creations, even if they are last minute. I have so many people ask me how I make treasure boxes, dolls and these magic moments. Because I know not everyone knows where to start, I am happy to share.

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For Olivia’s Tooth Fairy Box I picked up most items believe it or not at my local Michaels Craft Store, Which included the following:

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Wooden box

Small Glass Jar


Coins (I used Chuck E Cheese)

Gold Metallic Spray

Glitter Spray



Glass Bottles

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I literally threw this together really fast because I didn’t have much time after Olivia lost her tooth. First thing I did was spray the box and Chuck E Cheese tokens Gold with the spray paint. Do this outside because it has as very strong smell. I love Gold Spray Paint, I feel like it makes everything better.

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I wanted to make a necklace she could wear, I knew that would make her very excited. For this I purchased a pack of little bottles that can be put on necklaces. What is great is it comes with a small tube to pour the glitter into. I added a few charms, a key and some jewels to make it look fancy.

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The gold coins I put in the glass jar, these are really cheap, I believe $.99 for one. I stuck on a few rhinestones so it would sparkle.

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I also sprayed a few dollar bills with the glitter so it looks like The Tooth Fairy just left some fairy dust on them.

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The Fairy Letter may have been her favorite part, even though I had to read it to her. I wish I would of recorded her entire face light up. I found the most perfect template for free over at Three Little Monkey’s Studio online. What I just love about this printable is it allows you to customize it before printing, pretty amazing!

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You can have so much fun with this and I encourage parents to go all out. It is SO much fun! Take photos and document these moments in your little ones life because before you forget it they will be gone.