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As a mom of two boys and a third boy due any minute, I have learned my fair share of lessons from being unprepared. I feel like I’m always in a rush to be somewhere or do something, so I’ve had to learn some life hacks along the way to help save time and keep us on a smooth(er) schedule!

Hang the kids’ clothes right out of the dryer
I’ve found that if I can get to the kids clothes (and my own) as soon as that dryer is done and the clothes are still hot, I can hang them up and save time folding and possibly ironing because I let the clothes sit in a pile getting wrinkly! It means staying on top of the laundry, which I admittedly don’t always do, but it saves me SO much time when I do this!

Separate Laundry
This may seem silly, but I wash each person in my family’s clothes separately. This way, when I fold it (or hang it up right out of the dryer) It all goes to the same room and saves me tons of time!

Prep food when you get home from the Grocery Store
When I get home from the grocery store and get the food put away, I prep any food I can right then. I buy all my meats in bulk, so I separate them, bag them and freeze them, and I cut up vegetables so they’re ready for snacking and meal use!

Keep toys with multiple parts in bags together

Toys in Lingerie Bags!

This has been a serious time saver for us! We use lingerie laundry bags to keep toys with mulitple parts stored. When the kids are all done using those toys, they put them all back into the bag. No more looking for all the pieces to the train set or block puzzle here, toys are ready to be used at any time!

Keep a Family Calendar
This may seem obvious, but seriously. Keep a calendar handy, and put every school engagement, sport practice/game, doctor appointment and date night onto it. You and your spouse can be on the same page, saving you from repeating plans over and over! Use a phone calendar and sync it with your spouse’s to REALLY save time!

Freezer Meals
I can’t tell you how much time this saves me. When I cook a meal that’s freezer friendly, I triple or quadruple the recipe and freeze the extra food in separate containers. We then have 2 or 3 freezer meals made with NO extra time spent…I was cooking the meals already!

Make Lists and Plan

Meal Planning
This applies to everything. Make lists! Plan ahead (as much as a mom can)! Grocery Lists, Shopping Lists, Make Meal Plans, Even Cleaning Plans. If it’s written down for you to see it, you will get throught it much faster. Plan out clothing too! By laying out outfits each night for everyone for the next day, you can save tons of time. Your kids can just get dressed without the craziness of choosing an outfit. This works well for moms too…things go so much faster for me in the mornings when my outfit is already chosen and ready for me!

Have a quiet place for your child to do their homework
If there are distractions (even siblings playing), kids will take much longer getting their homework done. Have your kids come home, grab a snack and take their homework to a quiet spot to do it. They will be able to concentrate on their work and efficiently get it done!

Keep snacks filled in diaper bag/car
We keep snacks handy everywhere, but most importantly on the go. My kids behave better when they have snacks…meaning I get my errands done that much faster. I make sure to keep easy to eat sncks in pre-prepped containers that are small and easy to take along. We keep them in the diaper bag and the car, and when the kids empty a container, I refill it immediately and put it back. We love the perfect bite-size Honey Maid Go-Bites kept in small containers, because the kids love this wholesome snack and they are sized right for my kiddos little hands!

Honey Maid Go Bites