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My son is everywhere. At just five months he figured out how to army crawl and since then it has been nonstop all over the house. I’ve pretty much had to say goodbye to relaxing on the couch while he played quietly in one spot. Now he is on the go and wanting to explore every chance he gets. While it’s definitely an exciting time, there are moments when I need him to be content in one spot and moments where he needs to be up off the floor and in something safe.

A lot of development is happening during these months and while I want him to become a stronger crawler, I also want him to learn how to use his legs and feet to gain strength in those areas as well.

Over the past month my son has been using the Meadow Days™ 4 in 1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center and it’s helped him in more ways than we could ever imagine. He went from keeping his legs folded in when trying to get him to stand, to using his leg muscles to help support himself. It’s also become my son’s favorite thing we have. He crawls to it multiple times a day to let us know he wants in.

baby walker-01

The 4 in 1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center comes everywhere with us thanks to its portability and has been such a help when we’re out camping or out on our deck BBQing. Moments where my son wants to be crawling but can’t, he can stay busy in his activity center and off the ground.

I truly feel this is an activity center that every parent needs for their child for so many reasons. First of all it really is something that will grow with your child. Babies can use as a:

  1. Stationary activity center – Baby explores the fun selection of activities and toys on the 360 degrees rotating seat, playing with 5 adorable toys while honing skills and abilities.
  2. Jumper – For some fun and muscle strengthening pastime, let baby enjoy the bouncy jumper mode.
  3. Walker – Gently supports baby’s developing gross motor skills that will eventually turn your crawler into a walker.
  4. Walk behind/push along – When babies take their first steps, the push behind mode is a fun and useful way to support this gross motor skills milestone.

Plus, it’s adorable.

baby activity center

The 4 in 1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center also:

  • DEVELOPS GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: 4 modes of use that inspire growth: Stationary activity center, Jumper, Walker and Walk behind/push along.
  • PROMOTES COGNITION & FINE MOTOR SKILLS: 5 engaging toys, including cute hide & seek rabbit, fun bouncing bird, stimulating hedgehog bead-ball, intriguing rotating bee and playful mirror and beads tree.
  • ENCOURAGES EXPLORATION: 360 degree rotating seat provides baby with easy access to multiple activities that promote physical and mental development and encourage exploration.
  • MULTI-DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES: More than 28 activities! All of baby’s playtime needs in one product – less clutter and more focused fun.
  • PREPARES BABY FOR ESSENTIAL MILESTONES: Jumping and walking provide baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen leg, back and neck muscles.
  • EASY STORAGE: Compact fold for easy storage and portability

tiny love activity center-01

One of my favorite things about the 4 in 1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center, and something I have been raving about to other parents, is the fact you don’t need any batteries. There are no loud and repetitive songs playing, and no lights flashing, yet babies still have fun and enjoy their time inside the activity center and out. It helps babies focus on what really matters, their growing mind and body.

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