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I’m going to share one of my very favorite kids books with you today.

It’s about a guy we all know and talk about.

Tickle Monster! 1

His name is the Tickle Monster, and he’s super silly!!

We love this book, and I read it often to not only my son, but the children I have nannied for. Why do we love it so much? Not only is it a silly book filled with cute illustrations, but there are a pair of mitts that go along with the book. “Tickle Monster” mitts. When I slip those bad boys over my hands, the kids know I mean tickle business.

Tickle Monster! 2

This fun and laughter inducing book is written by Josie Bissett, formerly of Melrose Place. She now has children of her own and writes the cutest books! The cousin to Tickle Monster, Boogie Monster is also a family fav of ours.

As you read through the book with your littles, you use your Tickle Monster mitts to tickle them and as the story progresses, I tend to get a little out of control with the tickling. All three kiddos love to take turns being the Tickle Monster, too!

I love this book and the family time of laughter that it promotes. Check it out at your local bookstore, or get it online! You can buy the book by itself: Tickle Monster, or in the set with the mitts: Tickle Monster Laughter Kit. Happy reading!


This post contains affiliate links