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Welcome to Thrifty Thursday, Simply Real Mom’s weekly article about ways to save and deals for our readers! This week, read about Amazon Mom!

Are you an expecting mom, mom of an infant or mom of a toddler? Then you have to join Amazon Mom! It’s a free program through Amazon that has endless benefits!

What Is Amazon Mom?

Amazon Mom is a free membership program aimed at helping parents and caregivers, from the prenatal days through the toddler years, use Amazon to find all the products their family needs. To join, simply sign into your Amazon account and tell us whether you are a mom, dad, or other caregivers of a child. By providing information about your family, you can help personalize offers, e-mails, and product recommendations to help you find exactly what you need at just the right time.

Anyone can join Amazon Mom—and everyone should! I joined when my son was born and it was fantastic. Some of the benefits are:

  • FREE 2-Day shipping for three months
  • 5-15% off household supplies
  • 15% off grocery
  • 20% off diapers and wipes

The free shipping was what I used the most. I downloaded the Amazon app on my iPhone. There were so many nights where I was up every three hours nursing my newborn where I would end up shopping at Amazon on my phone. I was on the hunt for a sound machine, swaddling blankets, baby carriers–you name it, chances are I bought it on Amazon, with free shipping!

Joining Amazon Mom is free and easy to do. Join on their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with even more discounts and savings!