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I love to save money.
I’m extremely frugal and like to find the absolute best deal.
I love the IDEA of couponing. I use them every once in a while, but I really just don’t have time to clip coupons between my two jobs and being a mom, wife and housekeeper for my boys.I want to save money and I want it to be easy.
Guess what? I found it! A way to “clip” coupons with almost no time wasted!!! A dream.

Rather Be Shopping is all that and more, and I’ve saved so much money since putting it on my phone!
I simply open Rather Be Shopping when I’m in a store, search for the store by category or name, then up pops the current coupons!
Best of all, they are usually different than the coupons that come in the mail or directly through manufacturer Apps, so I can double and triple up on my coupons!

The other day I went to Michaels. I needed a bunch of stuff! When I got to the check out, I used my in mail coupon, my Michaels app coupon, AND Rather Be Shopping app had a 25%off your entire purchase coupon too!!! I saved $18 total off my $23 bill! Huge savings.

Going out to eat? There are Restaurant coupons too! We never eat out without a coupon anymore, so to find so many coupons we can bring along with us right on our phones, it makes choosing a place for dinner a little bit easier.
Rather Be Shopping is a free app for the iPhone, and has so many in store and online coupons available, you’re sure to save money. DOWNLOAD HERE

*This review was sponsored by Rather Be Shopping, but all opinions are my own