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Looking to buy baby clothes on a budget? I certainly am a mom that wants to spend as little on baby clothes as possible. My son is constantly playing in the dirt and mud and he ruins so many outfits that I have lost count at this point! I just can’t justify spending a lot of money on clothes that I know will end up stained, torn or lose that “new” look just after a few uses.

There is no reason your baby can’t look stylish on a budget.  Here are a few resources to help your baby look fab without draining your wallet.

Consignment Shops: consignment shops require that clothes be in great condition and they prefer brand names so you are bound to find good deals on quality clothes in consignment shops. (*tip—be sure to take good care of the clothes you buy so you can sell them back to the shop when you are done).

Garage Sales: This is hands down my favorite way to shop for baby clothes.  Be sure to go to wealthy neighborhoods and you can find a ton of brand name clothes for very little money.  I have been able to find quality Ralph Lauren Polo’s for my son for $.50 apiece—they were in great condition and they regularly sell in the store for around $40!

Thrift Stores: you will have to do a little searching and filtering through all the clothes (thrift stores aren’t always very organized), but you can find some serious bargains at thrift stores.  It is worth the trip to see if there are any good deals there. you can by huge lots of clothes for very little money on Ebay.  I have bought clothes for my son (and even maternity clothes), and have gotten huge piles of clothes for usually under $20! need I say more?  There is nothing better than getting free things.  Keep an eye out for baby clothes!

Craigslist: Another great resource to find cheap baby clothes.  Craigslist is also helpful because you can find local people and don’t have to worry about shipping costs. While there are several discount sites out there, these are a couple of my favorites to find trendy baby clothes.  They post new deals frequently so bookmark them and check them daily. These are other sites to bookmark and check daily.  They usually offer at least a 50% discount on all of their products. Not only do they offer baby clothes, but they sell accessories, toys, blankets, and many other baby related items.  I am constantly buying products from these sites.

Shop ahead for next year:  One great tip that a friend gave me was find clothes in stores on clearance and shop a year ahead of time.   That way, you can still get the bargain but also enjoy brand new clothes!

Host a Baby Clothes Swap Party: Not only will this help you get free baby clothes in exchange for clothes you don’t want anymore, it is also fun!  Are you pregnant with no baby clothes to offer yet?  No problem—many moms are looking for clothes, jewelry, books, etc. so offer any items you don’t need anymore to exchange.

Ask for hand me downs: ask your friends, co-workers or church friends if they have any baby clothes they would like to part with.  You can offer to pay them money for the clothes or give them back when you are done using them, but you will find many times people are happy to them to you free of charge!