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Didn’t think it was possible to eat pasta and still lose weight? Think again.  I am so excited to tell you about Fiber Gourmet, delicious pasta for almost half the calories and 72% of your daily fiber requirements!

About a year ago, I saw Fiber Gourmet featured on the Dr. Oz show and while I was skeptical about how it would taste, I wanted to give it a try considering I am pretty much a carb addict and the thought of giving up pasta to lose a little weight just seemed like torture. Fiber Gourmet promises wholesome and delicious pasta for almost half the calories and it meets 72% of your daily fiber requirements just in one serving!

Look at the nutritional value here on the side of their Rotini Pasta box.  Only 130 calories and 18 grahams of fiber per serving! Now, I can eat pasta without all the guilt!

How do they do it? By adding more fiber. Since fiber has no calories, when the fiber goes up, the calories go down. Most “reduced calorie” foods are really just “reduced fat” foods, where companies just take out the fat and add in a bunch of junk like sugars, flour or even ingredients that most people can’t pronounce. Fiber Gourmet reduces the calories in their foods and provides great tasting products by adding a fiber called “resistant starch” to make their products.

Resistant starch has a taste and texture similar to standard starch, except that the your enzymes aren’t able to break it down and digest it. This causes resistant starch to show up as a fiber under laboratory analysis, and is why the FDA classifies it as fiber. It’s the best of both worlds: it tastes like starch, but works like fiber”.  For more information on the science of the product, please visit their technology page.

Now for my taste test…..I know you will hardly be able to believe this, but I am not able to tell the difference between Fiber Gourmet and regular whole wheat pasta! It tastes great and even my son and husband (both are extremely picky eaters) loved it! The only difference that I have noticed is that Fiber Gourmet pasta does take an extra 2 or 3 minutes of cooking time for the noodles to soften and be ready to eat.

We have used Fiber Gourmet pasta to make spaghetti, pasta salads, macaroni and cheese and everything we have made has tasted great. It is wonderful to eat pasta again without all the guilt!

Fiber Gourmet makes all kinds of pastas including spaghetti, rotini, macaroni and lasagna and they have recently come out with a line of crackers that are half the calories of regular crackers. I have not tried them yet, but they are next on my list and I will be sure to update after trying them.

Fiber Gourmet has kindly offered a 10% off coupon code to all of our readers.  The coupon code is valid from 2/7/13-2/21/13 and is valid at Be sure to enter the code SRM10 to receive your discount.

Fiber Gourmet can be found in some health food stores or online at  To see if they are at a health food store near you, check here.  You can also follow them on Facebook.

*I did not receive any compensation for this review; I personally love Fiber Gourmet and serve it to my family all the time.   I also cannot attest to the taste of any products other than the rotini, spaghetti and macaroni pastas, as I have not sampled them.