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The Holidays are such a special time for all of us to spend time with the ones we love. Our extended family all lives far away, but we have created our own family of close friends who have stepped in to love us like family when ours can’t be here. When we are alone on holidays, they step in to invite us over and we all enjoy special traditions together. It means so much to us and to our families who can’t be here with us that we have friends who treat us like we are family. It may not be the “typical” family situation but really, what family IS “typical”?

Each and every one of us has a unique family situation, and Tylenol is celebrating that! For 60 years Tylenol has cared about what matters to you most…family. This holiday seaons, Tylenol wants you to know that family is not about WHO you love, but about HOW you love. Celebrate your family, no matter who they are and how you love them!