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While I have spent a good portion of my life living on the west coast, I lived half of my childhood on the east coast. New Jersey (don’t judge) and Pennsylvania to be exact.
Dessert was always a much anticipated treat in our home, and while we didn’t get it all the time, I have so many fond memories of sharing dessert with my family as a child. My absolute ultimate favorite memories are the ones when my sisters and I would indulge in the amazingness that is Italian Ice (or as we called it, Water Ice (pronounced Wuh-ter Ice)). This tasty frozen treat is a creamy, frozen fruity flavored ice in a cup. I really only remember eating it in two flavors- Cherry (Charry) and Lemon.

I can distinctly remember enjoying a lemon wuh-ter ice out in front of my childhood home when it started to rain. All three of us girls stayed outside and danced in the rain, all while taking short breaks to scrape a layer of ice off the top of our cup.

We moved to California when I was 10, and gone were those days. There is no such thing as Italian Ice out here!! It is a rare treat you may find at a fair, but not found in stores.

Fast forward about 15-20 years, and I was pregnant with my son. I couldn’t believe the intense cravings I had for Italian Ice! This frozen treat I hadn’t had in so very long was taking over my every thought! I bought popsicles, thinking it would help…but it didn’t. The consistency must have been what I craved. I headed to the store one day (probably in some craving rage) to buy a cold dessert, and lo and behold, in the freezer section I found it!!!!!

Someone must have seen me aimleesly wandering the freezer aisle mumbling about wuh-ter ice and made the call to Philly to get some.

That day-when I had my first italian ice in 15+ years-was a day that goes down in my frozen treat history.

As parents, we all have kids who love frozen treats, and let’s not lie…we love them too! I haven’t met an ice cream sandwich I didn’t like, and I still love me some italian ice.

Thanks to the One2One Network, you and your family have the chance to have frozen treats galore. The Frozen Treat Social sweepstakes is giving families all over all kinds of reasons to enjoy frozen treats. Each Day, they will be giving away a set of coupons towards frozen treats from brands like Magnum, Breyers, Good Humor, Popsicle and Klondike! A Grand Prize winner will be chosen to receive ONE YEAR’s worth of coupons for frozen treats their family can enjoy!
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Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle, MAGNUM and Good Humor have all introduced new treats for 2012, and we want to tell you all about them!

Breyers Blasts!® features delicious mix-ins from families’ favorite cookies, candies and snacks blasted into every scoop. The new Breyers Blasts!® line features 18 varieties, including six new flavors: These delicious treats have 120 to 170 calories and 4 to 8 fat grams per serving.

 After a successful launch of the Original Choco Taco®, Klondike® is taking the popular treat to the next level with Chocolate and Peanut Butter varieties.  The Chocolate Choco Taco is the perfect treat for any chocolate lover!! Expanding on its line of ice cream sandwiches, Klondike® will be launching its latest offering – the Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich.

 Popsicle® is bringing families an unexpected twist with Yosicle™ – a pop combining the classic taste of Popsicle® pops and the creamy deliciousness of yogurt in 4 yummy varieties. The creaminess of theses Popsicles are the perfect treat when I crave italian ice! They have also partnered with SOUR PATCH KIDS™, the SOUR THEN SWEET™ chewy candy, to create new Popsicle® SOUR PATCH KIDS™ ice pops. Each ice pop has a sour ice shell and a sweet ice center, in three delicious flavors, including Lime, Raspberry and Orange. 

 MAGNUM® is offering the same delicious taste in a smaller, yet equally delightful and decadent form with the debut of its MAGNUM® Mini line. I Love these! perfectly portioned for a girl looking to control calories, but still wanting a treat. They are also introducing two new rich and enchanting varieties to its VIP list of traditional-sized ice cream bars: Mint and Mochaccino!

 Good Humor® is introducing two new ice cream versions of classic candy brands: Mounds® and York®.


Here’s the list of all the new flavors available!

  • Breyers Blasts!® Chocolate REESE’S®
  • Breyers Blasts!® Golden OREO® Cookies & Cream
  • Breyers Blasts!® OREO® Birthday Blast!
  • Breyers Blasts!® Klondike® KRUNCH®
  • Breyers Blasts!® Banana Split
  • Breyers Blasts!® S’mores
  • Klondike® Chocolate Choco Taco®
  • Klondike® Peanut Butter Choco Taco®
  • Klondike® Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Yosicle™ Torpedo!™ pops
  • Yosicle™ Layerz!™ pops
  • Yosicle™ Duos!™ Watermelon-Vanilla and Cotton Candy-Vanilla pops
  • Yosicle™ Duos!™ Purple Berry-Vanilla and Cherry-Vanilla pops
  • Popsicle® SOUR PATCH KIDS™ ice pops
  • MAGNUM® Mini Classic bars
  • MAGNUM® Mini Almond bars
  • MAGNUM® Mint bars
  • MAGNUM® Mochaccino bars
  • Mounds® Ice Cream Bars
  • York® Peppermint Pattie Ice Cream Bars
Enter to win the coupons here on our site below, as well as on the One2One Frozen Treat Social Sweepstakes so that you and your family can try some of these cool new flavors, or enjoy the classics you love.

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