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Westin St. Francis

Growing up near San Francisco, I would spend weekends visiting Union Square watching the elevators from outside the historic Westin St. Francis go up and down, wondering if there were any famous celebrities or important political figures staying in the hotel. The guests staying at the hotel always seemed so happy as they walked in and out of the lobby, which intrigued me as a child. What made The Westin St. Francis such a landmark hotel?

When I had the opportunity to stay at The Westin St. Francis, memories of my childhood flashed back. I couldn’t wait to live out my childhood dreams of staying there, especially with my husband. Weekend getaways are hard to come by now that we have children, so we take full advantage when the grandparents offer to babysit.

The moment you step into the lobby of The Westin St. Francis, you are dated back to the 1900’s. This well-preserved hotel offers guests the grandeur of the past, coupled with contemporary luxury and style. An historic Magneta Grandfather Clock welcomes you along with marble columns, ornate balconies and intricate woodwork that transport guests back to the elegance of yesteryear.

Westin St. Francis

Once we were checked in we headed towards the elevator of the rather large lobby. Being that The Westin St. Francis is located in Union Square, many non-guests are often seen coming in and out of the hotel lobby. To ensure the safety of the guests, The Westin St. Francis has gone above and beyond by having hotel guests slide in their key at the elevators on the lobby floor and actually type in their floor number. In fact, every guest must do this to get to their appropriate floor from outside the elevator as there are no floor buttons inside the elevator itself.

Our pleasantly spacious suite was located in the corner of third floor with a view overlooking San Francisco’s Union Square. Keeping with the theme of the lobby, the room displayed the history with its very “1900’s meets chic” decor.


westin SF

Check out our video walk through of our suite at The Westin St. Francis:

One of my favorite details to the room was the chandelier that hung right above the bed. The gorgeous chandelier really makes this shabby chic feel, more accentuated.


The bathroom is a bit small (which is normal in San Francisco) compared to the size of the room but is beautifully decorated.


The waterfall shower head in the bathroom was a godsend that welcomed me every morning.


Nothing like starting your morning with a nice, hot shower followed by a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee in your personal coffee maker while sitting from your bed looking out onto Union Square.



If you are planning on driving into San Francisco and parking at The Westin St. Francis, please keep in mind that parking at the hotel is extremely expensive, costing $53 + tax per night per car. There are nearby garages I would recommend parking in that are a lot cheaper or just taking the BART in from another location.

To learn more about The Westin St. Francis or to book your weekend getaway, please visit their website at: You can also check out our restaurant review of Bourbon Steak, which is located inside the lobby.


* Thank you to The Westin St. Francis for hosting our stay. All opinions are my own.