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My daughter recently turned 12 and wanted to have a sleepover party to celebrate. I wanted it to be a party to remember, but know that the girls are getting too old for typical party fun. Here are the ideas we came up with for the ultimate sleepover party!

Tween/Teen Fun Filled Night Activities:

Be prepared for giddy girls staying up all night long! To keep them from getting bored, you need to have some activities planned–just make everything carefree and fun!

Here are the activities we planned:

  • Nail painting
  • Flashlight and laser tag
  • XBox 360 Kinect games
  • Movies

Celebratory Foods:

Not wanting a cake this year, we opted for two sweet alternatives—cake pops and an ice cream bar. The girls were so excited about creating their own ice cream sundaes, and they go very creative with it! Some of them even put their cake pops as part of their ice cream sundae!

The cake pops were cute and girly, but not too over the top frilly.

The Next Morning

Since the girls all woke up at various times, I wanted a breakfast I could make more of as needed. I decided to go with waffles! I made the batter first thing in the morning, then made the waffles when they were ready to eat. To make waffles even more fun, I made them birthday waffles! They decorated the waffles with sweet goodness of sprinkles, whipped cream and cherries! This was the perfect way to end the sleepover party!