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I remember the day we took our first son home from the hospital, and I kept trying to keep the blanket over his car seat so that the sun wouldn’t bother our newest little bundle. The blanket kept slipping off, and I kept getting frustrated.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out that with my second baby, I would get to check out a new sun shade that stays put on your little one’s car seat!

The Shade by Imagine Baby is incredible! It completely covers your precious little one, and has a mesh window you can open up to see baby while still keeping them protected!

This stretchy shade fits almost any car seat easily, fitting around the bottom lip under the legs and then up over the hood of the seat. I love the design, because unlike the cotton flowy covers I have seen, the handle isn’t obstructed by this shade!

Mesh window exposed


Mesh window covered

I love the sleek look of it too! It looks great while protecting your baby from things like the sun (the fabric provides UPF 50+!), rain, wind or snow…even the nosey old ladies in the supermarket! No more unwanted touching!

It was so easy to put on, simply stretching it over the seat and securing the strap over the back.

It’s also easy to take off and small enough to fold up and store in a pocket in your diaper bag!

The first question I’ve received from friends who have seen it is if the baby has enough air while in it. Because it is a solid fabric that completely covers the seat, it looks from afar as though the baby could lack air supply, but that is not the case at all! The fabric they use is a very breathable flexible fabric that will not change the amount of air getting to your child, just the elements.

We love The Shade, and can’t wait to get our newest bundle into the car seat without worrying about the sun bothering him!

 *We received The Shade for review purposes, but all opinions are my own