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Okay, mamas, here’s the skinny—well, in my case, the not-so-skinny.  I’m 25 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, and I’m not very proud of it. I’d like to blame my weight on the baby I had just 14 short and sleepless weeks ago, but the truth is, he only weighed seven pounds at birth, which only accounts for a few of the extra pounds!

Clearly, he is unhappy I even considered blaming my weight gain on him!

I think it’s time to admit I haven’t been eating or exercising like I should. Needless to say, it’s time to get moving—literally.

Will you join me?

Now, before you jump ship, I want to clarify: I don’t believe in torturing myself for the sake of weight loss. I don’t believe in making everything that tastes good off limits, and I don’t believe in forcing an hour-long workout every single day, because let’s face it, motherhood is a 24-hour workout already! What I do believe in is a lifestyle change—a holistic approach to wellness—and I believe in balance. It’s important to make changes that are realistic and sustainable. In other words, I believe in self-improvement, not self-torture.

As a mom of now TWO babies—one 19-month old named Sarah Claire and a 14-week-old named Luke—I know time is a luxury I don’t really have. So my plan is to incorporate better habits into my daily routine, and remove unhealthy habits as I identify them. This is going to be quite a journey. I am excited about the next few months, not just because of this get-fit goal, but because I believe in fresh starts and clean slates, and I’m ready for this new beginning.

So, the question still stands—will you join me? Will you commit to healthy living, too? If so, stay tuned for my wellness posts on incorporating healthy habits into your everyday, undoubtedly hectic routine. I look forward to taking the journey together!