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Having a toddler in my home is such a great joy; it is amazing to watch my son learn and grow and it is so fun to see how much he loves to explore and learn to participate in our family’s daily activities. I am a big cook enthusiast and baker and my son just LOVES to “assist” mommy in meal preparation. While I have always appreciated his assistance, there were times however when my son wanted to be “too helpful” and insisted that I held him so he could be right in all the action. I often found myself holding him with one hand while I cooked with the other—which led to a strained back and a few cooking disasters here and there! I really needed to find a solution to keep my toddler happy while I keep up with my cooking hobby.

Then I came across the Learning Tower by Little Partners, and I instantly fell in love! What a genius idea—the first step stool safely designed for 18 months+. I never even considered a step stool at my son’s stage of development because I figured he would just fall off of it and it would be more hazardous than helpful. The Learning Tower enables my son to use a step stool without mommy worrying about his safety!

Not only do I love the Learning Tower for its safety purposes, I have found that my son is MUCH happier at mealtime. He used to cry and cry if I had to put him down while making meals, but now, he just climbs up his step stool and actively watches me cook or participates in simple meal prep. He loves to help me do simple tasks such as helping mommy peel a banana or arrange food items on our plates. I feel like the Learning Tower has enabled Reece to have a sense of independence and accomplishment and he is also learning a lot about the different foods he eats. My son has notoriously been a picky eater, but when he can help me prepare the food, he is much more willing to try “suspicious foods”.  I even caught him eating pieces of a tomato yesterday when I thought he would NEVER eat tomatoes for me! I had tried to serve them in every way possible with no success, but now since he was able to handle the food without the pressure to eat it for dinner; he willingly gave it a try on his own! That alone makes the Learning Tower a MUST HAVE for me!

Here is a picture of my son Reece, helping me wash dishes. He LOVES to help me in the kitchen and it can entertain him for at least an hour! Just a warning though; your kitchen might end up covered in water!


The Learning Tower by Little Partners is a kid’s step stool that features safe, sturdy and non-tip construction. The Tower helps facilitate a child’s desire to be independent and helpful by allowing them to work at the same level as their parents. It also features an adjustable platform so that it can adapt to your child’s height. It will support up to 500 pounds and roomy enough to support 2 children at the same time! The learning tower also offers accessories that can be purchased separately to help create a fort, dollhouse, art easel and other fun activities. Let your child’s imagination run wild—the Learning Tower enables your child to observe, participate and create!

Carol Gamble, Little Partners President & CEO developed the Learning Tower out of her passion to help nurture the essential partnership between herself and her daughter.

“When my daughter, Hanna was 15 to 18 months old I observed her strong innate drive “to do it myself.”  She was curious about everything and constantly exploring the world around her! Knowing Hanna was capable of doing a lot of things on her own —washing her hands, slicing a banana for snack, rolling out dough—I wanted to provide her with a safe environment to do the things she could and wanted to do. After exploring step stools on the market, I realized there was not a safe stool that met the needs of the young toddler.  To solve the problem, I created The Learning Tower, an adjustable height platform, offering quality, safety and flexibility”

Learning Tower Highlights and Features:

  • Only step stool on the market carefully and safely designed to meet the specific needs of young toddlers 18 mos. +.
  • It’s sturdy 15”x18” platform will grow with your child from 18 months up to 6 years and allows your child to move without slipping off the step.
  • Four-sided railings provide support while your child climbs in and prevents falling when inside the Tower.
  • Constructed from only the highest-quality layered birch and finished with durable, non-toxic, lead-free finish.
  • Allows children to feel independent and helpful in assisting in daily activities at home.
  •  Fits flush against counters to prevent pinched fingers or falling while climbing up.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors, perfect to suit your kitchen’s decor.
  • Has been tested to hold up to 500 lb.

The Learning Tower also provides a helpful guide that describes appropriate Learning Tower activities for each stage of your child’s development.  The Learning Tower truly grows with your child and helps them with each developmental stage.

To go along with the Learning Tower, Little Partners also sell ADORABLE playhouse kits, art easels and toy learning towers.  These are perfect for your child’s imagination and my son LOVES our playhouse kit. We have the lemonade/ice cream stand playhouse kit and he could play in it for hours. He loves to play peek-a-boo with the lemonade stand and he pretends to sell me ice cream all day long! Thank you Little Partners for providing my son which such fun, imaginative play!

Moms, if you have an inquisitive toddler or child that loves to help you in the kitchen, this product is a MUST HAVE!  I cannot recommend the Learning Tower enough and I don’t know how we would ever do without it. Be sure to buy a playhouse kit along with your learning tower; your child will go wild over it! Please visit to view all of their Learning Tower designs and accessories.  You may also find them on Facebook and Twitter. 

*I received this product for review, but these words are strictly my own.