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I used to go to the gym. A lot! But that was before I had to start driving the kids everywhere, sticking to a tight schedule and getting my own butt to school on time. Plus, I’m saving a chunk of change each month now, so that’s a plus!

I’m not knocking the gym though, I really do miss it sometimes. As a mom, it can be hard to find distraction-free workout time in your own home. Even with the door closed, it won’t be long before you hear *BANGBOOMCRASH* followed by “MOOOOOOOOM!”

It can also be hard to match the fitness level of a gym goer without spending a lot on fancy equipment that takes up a lot of space. Who really has room for a full-scale home gym anyway?! After thinking long and hard, I decided it was time to redefine what “gym” meant to me. Piecing together a fitness station was fun, but something was missing until I found these weird-looking yellow things …

Ah yes, once I discovered the Lebert Equalizer Bars, I felt supremely blessed by the fitness gods! Two little bars can do so many things that it’s actually ridiculous. Dips? Heck yes. Crazy pushups? Obviously. Chest presses, too? Oh, my!

What else can you do with the equalizer? ALL KINDS OF STUFF! What’s even better is that unlike those big giant resistance machines or slide-on weights, the Equalizer Bars rely on your own body weight, which offers a much more satisfying, and arguably safer workout.

The Equalizer Bars were created by a personal trainer and Tae Kwon Do black belt, Marc Lebert. His invention is so effective that it’s used by professional athletes, personal trainers, boot camps and even little old me! If you’re stumped on where to begin or how the heck to use this contraption, there are some workout ideas on the Lebert Fitness website and the Equalizer Bars have been featured many times on Body Rock TV.

Photo: Lebert Fitness

And did I mention it also comes in PINK? (while I squealed like a little girl at the sight of it, I opted for the yellow since my husband would have nothing to do with something so fabulously ladylike).

Now that I’ve got a set of Equalizer Bars, I don’t know what I ever did without them! They’re light, portable and I’d recommend these bad boys to anyone!

In fact, I would love for you to get a set of your own! So thanks to Marc of Lebert Fitness, we’re giving you a code for $10 off the purchase of PINK or YELLOW Equalizer Bars! Just use the code SRM10EQ at checkout.

These are sure to be the most fun addition to your home gym so far!

Photo: Lebert Fitness

*I received the Equalizer Bars for review, but all opinions are my own!*