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If you’re looking for a unique way to document your childs milestones on their birthday or create a wonderful birthday keepsake, then you’ll want to check out this product! Sticky Bellies, the makers of the adorable monthly onesie stickers, has branched out to create this awesome birthday milestone poster.

This is such a simple and fun way to display and capture your childs yearly milestones all in one place. It’s  a 24″ x 36″ template poster that you fill in yourself. It comes in a gift tube packaging that is not only cute but super sturdy. Ours arrived without a wrinkle or crease in sight. The tube is also great for storing the poster when you’re done using it.


Now the poster is designed to be a keepsake so it is not reusable and comes in a great matte finish; perfect for taking photos. Make sure you plan ahead of time what you want to put on the poster. If you have an older child, I’d recommend writing all their answers down on a separate sheet of paper and then fill out the poster.


I absolutely loved filling in all of the details of my daughters first year. Since I was planning on using it as a display during her birthday party, I coordinated the colors to the theme. I also added some embellishments and stickers that also matched her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme.


Now, I found that my Sharpie paint markers worked a lot better, and stood out more then my regular Sharpies did. I also recommend using a medium or large tipped marker. You want the words to be large and bold so that they stand out and are readable in pictures. You can also try using stencils or sticker letters to really make the words stand out. I also think brighter colors will stand out so well against the black and white paper. I used silver and gold to match the party colors, but would love to do a poster in neon colors! I love NEON!


One of my favorite sections on the poster is the ” Then & Now” section. Such a fun way to look see how much your little one has grown. Especially, if it is their first birthday.


There is also an area for their ” Favorites” and ” I love ” this to me is something that will be so fun for my daughter and myself look back on in the future.

DSC_0494 DSC_0484

There’s also a ” Now I can ” section which Mom’s time to brag on all the amazing things their little one can do! I think it would also be fun for older kids as well. They can sit down and list some of their accomplishments for the year. Another reason why this poster makes a great keepsake. Knowing they’ll able to look back and see when they learned to ride a bike, hit their first home run, or won first prize at the science fair.

Just remember that this is not reusable and once you write on it you’re stuck with it. I learned that the hard way and found that having a white paint pen handy was helpful in covering up and mistakes or accidental markings. DSC_0477

Of course there is a large area dedicated to a very special thing, their age! This may or may not be the most important part of this poster for your child so there is plenty of space to display that number proudly.


I really loved this poster and can’t wait to show it to my daughter when she is older. I also plan on ordering one for my son and sitting down together to fill it out. I think it will be fun thing that we can do together. It’ll be interesting to see what his favorites are and what things he loves most.

Thank you, Sticky Bellies for such a fun and adorable product! We loved it !


We received this product for review. The opinions shared all my own.