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How excited are you that The Force Awakens will be out in theaters next month? My kids and I can’t wait and it is something I have been waiting for for quite a long time. I’d have to thank my oldest brother for my love of Star Wars. Growing up he was a major fanatic. His entire room was decked out in Star Wars toys, figurines, and posters. He owned every movie on VHS and would watch them constantly. Even now at 35, he’s still a die hard fan. So when he came to visit us from D.C, I just knew there was something we had to do: watch Star Wars while eating some Star Wars themed snacks. After all, we are gearing up for The Force Awakens!


The snacks were quite simple to make and honestly didn’t take much time. I am all about making things that require little effort because honestly, I am really not that crafty and I suck at baking.

To get started I made “Sith Cupcakes.” I took a box of Red Velvet cake mix, made the cupcakes according to the box, and then topped them with frosting. We used vanilla frosting with black gel food coloring, but chocolate would work just fine and only a small amount of black gel food coloring would be needed.


Next, I made Death Star popcorn balls.


To make these popcorn balls I took:

1: Popcorn  one 3.5-ounce package plain microwave popcorn)
2: Marshmallows (1 10-oz bag)
3: Butter (1/4 cup)

I popped the popcorn in the microwave and set it aside. Then I melted the marshmallows and butter in a small pot over the stove, stirring frequently. Once the marhsmallows and butter were just about melted all the way, I dropped several drops of black gel food coloring to get the color that I liked for the Death Star. Once melted and mixed I poured the mix over the popcorn on a baking sheet. I buttered up my hands (this is key) and molded my popcorn balls (Death Stars). You can set them aside or stick in fridge to get them to harden up before eating.

Being a HUGE fan of R2D2 I just had to incorporate him somehow. I had this great idea of making R2D2 Oreo’s by covering Oreo’s in white candy melts then drawing R2D2 with edible markers. Unfortunately the markers didn’t want to work on the harden candy melts, so I just decided to sprinkle blue sprinkles over the top.


To make the R2D2 Oreo’s, simply melt your white candy melts on the stove or microwave, then dip your oreos in it, covering the entire Oreo. Set each Oreo aside onto wax paper and top with blue sprinkles.


One thing the edible markers definitely work on are marshmallows. I am absolutely obsessed with how my Storm Trooper marshmallows turned out. Simply take a black edible marker and draw the Storm Troopers face on a marshmallow. We stuck ours on sticks but I have seen them added onto cupcakes with white frosting, which are adorable also.


Lastly, I made Yoda Guacamole. Movie watching isn’t complete without some chips and guacamole, and Star Wars watching isn’t complete without Yoda.


I drew the shape of Yoda’s head onto some parchment paper and then cut it out and placed it onto my serving dish. Then I took my guacamole and started covering the cut out parchment paper until his dead was covered. Make sure to add enough to the top of his head so you have enough guacamole to dip your chip in. The I added two scoops of sour cream for the eyes, and added 2 little pieces of black olives to complete the eyes. I then surrounded Yoda’s head with chips. These were a hit with everyone at our Star Wars movie party!


Have you made any Star Wars themed treats? We would love to see them!