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Pregnancy is an exciting and wonderful time, but for many women it can also be absolutely miserable. About 80%-90% of pregnant women deal with some form of morning sickness, whether it be only nausea, nausea & vomiting or the extreme hyperemesis gravidarum which lands many women in the hospital. While it’s CALLED morning sickness, it isn’t just in the morning. Morning just seems to be worse in the mornings, when you wake up with an empty stomach.

While there’s no certain cure for morning sickness for everyone, there are so many great remedies that have proven helpful for pregnant mothers through the years. Try what you can until you find something that helps. Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of some of the best remedies that are tested and work:


It seems so backwards to eat when you are terribly nauseous, but when you are pregnant being hungry can lead to nausea. Eating can help to get rid of the nausea!
Don’t let yourself get hungry. Eat more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day and always keep snacks close at hand. I kept them in my car, on my nightstand, at work and in my purse so that I could eat when I felt the nausea coming on.
Listen to your body! Eat what sounds good when your nausea is at it’s worst. A lot of times those little cravings will fix that morning sickness. Obviously try not to go overboard on junk food.
TIP: Eat a protein packed snack just before going to sleep to help make the mornings a little easier.


Keep hydrated. I always kept an ice water with me at all times to sip when I felt a little nauseous and it would hold me over until I could eat. If water doesn’t sound good (for a lot of pregnant women, water makes the nausea worse), drink natural juice, add some lemon or other fruits to your water, drink tea or sip on lemonade or ginger ale.


Peppermint is an amazing remedy for nausea! Peppermint essential oil rubbed under your nose or onto a finger to sniff when you feel nauseous can help to relieve it immediately. Peppermint tea, peppermint swirl candies or gum can all help.


Ginger is another natural remedy for morning sickness. You can shave or grate ginger into hot water to make a ginger tea that works wonders, suck on ginger candies or sip on ginger ale when you feel sick.

Morning Wellness TeaMorning Wellness Tea

This tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby is as effective as it is delicious. It’s made with the perfect blend of ginger and mint to ease your queasy stomach and help you feel better. I drank a cup of Morning Wellness every morning to replace my morning coffee and it held me over until my breakfast kicked in.


Brushing your teeth is the worst when you feel nauseous and usually triggers vomiting. If the taste of your toothpaste seems to trigger it, try a different flavor! Try something a little milder in flavor or even a kids’ toothpaste until your morning sickness goes away. I have a friend who found that cinnamon flavored toothpaste didn’t make her sick but the mint stuff did, so find what works for you.

Stay Busy

When you’re not feeling well, it’s really tempting to curl up in bed and do nothing all day (let’s be honest-that ALWAYS sounds good) but that can actually make the morning sickness worse. Keep yourself busy so that your body literally has no time to feel sick. You don’t have to go crazy but find things to stay busy and keep moving.

Preggie Pop DropsPreggie Pop Drops

Preggie Pops and Preggie Pop Drops may look like a silly gimmick but the drops were a saving grace for me! I kept a box of the Preggie Pop Drops with me at all times and would pop one when needed. The sour flavors work like a charm to offset the nausea and I don’t even like sour anything! They are tasty and even if they are just a distraction they are worth a shot!

Morning Wellness SprayMorning Wellness Spray

Also from Earth Mama Angel Baby is the Morning Wellness Spray. This fresh scented all natural aromatherapy spray comes in handy for all the unexpected smells you encounter during the day. We would spray it on our wrist and when we found ourselves in the presence of a bad smell just a quick sniff of the wrist would fix the nausea! It’s also great to spray on your bed sheets or keep in the car for car sickness as well!

Psi Acupressure Bands

Sea sickness bands have been known to help some women during pregnancy morning sickness. While I’ve never used them for morning sickness specifically I used the Psi brand bands on a recent international trip with great results. They use acupressure on pressure points on your wrist and so many women sing the praises of it releiving nausea during pregnancy!

Vitamin B6

B6 can help with nausea when taken daily. I took them with my prenatals each day and did notice a difference after about a week. A typical dose of vitamin B6 for morning sickness is 10 mg to 25 mg 3 times a day but I took it only once per day with good results.

Prenatal VitaminsGummy Prenatals

Obviously you should be taking prenatal vitamins but sometimes those can be the culprit of your nausea. If you notice feeling sick within an hour of taking your prenatals, try taking them right before bed at night. If that doesn’t help, try switching brands. I’ve found that the gummy prenatal vitamins made me less nauseous (and they’re tasty too!), don’t hesitate to try a few brands and types of vitamins to find one that works best with your morning sickness.


If your sickness persists, talk to your doctor about prescription anti-nausea medication or steps to take beyond at-home remedies.Our advice is not to be mistaken as medical advice- as with anything else in pregnancy, make sure to consult your doctor before using any of the mentioned products to ensure it’s the right course of action for your pregnancy.



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