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1, 2, 3, 4 Umi… Zoomi…Umi… UmiZoomi, UmiZoomi

My toddler is obsessed with Team Umizoomi. Seriously you guys, this show is on constant replay in my house thanks to On Demand. Even if he is in the other room playing, Team Umizoomi is on in our living room. So naturally when I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted he said Team Umizoomi. I don’t even know why I asked him as I knew this would be the theme he chose.

Unfortunately planning a Team Umizoomi party isn’t the easiest. I ran around town looking for Team Umizoomi party supplies and decor and couldn’t find anything. One thing I knew my son wanted more than anything was a Team Umizoomi birthday cake, but of course no one around had even heard of Team Umizoomi and I wasn’t willing to pay over $100 on a custom toddlers birthday cake. I mean I love him and all, but that is just not realistic. I think I paid that much for my wedding cake. So being the non-baker I am, I decided I would attempt my hand at baking and decorating a Team Umizoomi cake for him.

I started with a simple round cake and baked it accordingly. Whether you make the cake from scratch or out of the box is completely up to you.

Once the cake is cooled, remove it from the baking pan. I made the mistake of trying to remove the cake right away which resorted to a chunk of my cake breaking off, but at least the cake was baked and moist. I just stuck some kabob sticks through it to hold the pieces together before I frosted the cake.

Next, I frosted my cake. I bought white whipped frosting and attempted to make a bright orange frosting by adding a ton of red and yellow food coloring. For some reason I couldn’t get it orange, so I stuck with the brownish color I ended up with. I can assure you if my husband had tried it, it would have turned out a beautiful, bright orange. I would offer a suggestion but I don’t have one other then to find orange frosting somewhere or choose a different color.

After I frosted my cake (which helped my broken piece to stay on) it was time to do some decorating. Decorating has never been the easiest for me when it comes to cakes. I envy all those amazing pastry chefs who can turn a regular piece of cake into something that should probably be in a museum. So for his decorations I knew I needed to keep it simple but still look cute. I decided to take one of my number cookie cutters I have and pour some colorful sprinkles in it.

Of course with the luck that I have the three ended up being upside down. Note to self, the straight part of the 3, goes at the top.

I knew I needed more colors since Team Umizoomi is very colorful so I added peanut M&M’s to the base of the cake. If anyone at the birthday party is allergic to peanuts you can easily substitute with another colorful candy.

After I put the M&M’s around the cake it was time to add the final touches of the birthday cake. Since I had a hard time finding anything Team Umizoomi in town, I ordered a Geo and Bot toy from Amazon.

I used the Geo in a helicopter as my cake topper and added three candles for my son’s birthday and added in the words: “Happy Birthday, Austin” to make our cake complete.

With the extra cake batter I made 6 cupcakes and decorated them in colorful Cool Whip that I made by adding food coloring and the same sprinkles I used in my upside down 3.

To give the cake area a little more excitement I took two cylinder vases I had and filled them with skittles. Since I probably looked like a sugar crazy mom, I felt the only right parenting move was to add some healthy fruit. I mean that should take the focus off the amount of sugar these kids will be eating, right?

Using the same 3 cookie cutter as I used for the sprinkles on my cake I cut a slice of watermelon and cut into the slice with my cookie cutter. Then I took my kabob sticks and added grapes to them and then my watermelon three’s (the right way).

The skittle vases with fruit kabobs were an easy addition and everyone loved the cake table!